Mary Cosby reveals biggest regret during first season on RHOSLC

Mary Cosby has one from her time filming RHOSLC.
Mary Cosby has one regret from her time filming RHOSLC. Pic credit: Bravo

The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City star Mary Cosby reveals her biggest regret from the show.

Even though RHOSLC is only in its first season, Mary has already become a controversial figure on the show.

Despite all of the RHOSLC star’s bold moves, Mary only has one regret. Although, this may be due to the fact that she claims she has not watched the show yet.

Fans may think it has to do with Mary’s comments about Jen Shah smelling like “hospital,” but it’s actually something completely different.

Mary confessed that regret on Watch What Happens Live.

During the episode, WWHL’s Andy Cohen initiates a game of Do You Regret it?

Andy Cohen asks Mary if she regrets claiming that she hardly knew Charlinda– a relative who lives with her and helps around the house.

“I regret not conveying that the proper way, because I know all about Charlinda,” she admits. “So [I] maybe regret the way I expressed it. Yes, I do.”

What Mary said about Charlinda on the show

Charlinda appeared during an episode of RHOSLC prompting Mary to introduce her to viewers.

“Charlinda is my grandmother’s brother’s daughter, and she’s been with me for like 20-something years,” Mary said during a confessional interview. “I had Robert [Mary’s son], and she came over to give Robert a present and fell in love and didn’t leave. We’re not close at all. Like, I don’t know her life and what she does outside of what she helps me with. But at the end of the day, we’re family.”

Fans did not approve of how dismissive she was toward Charlinda considering that she’s family and has been living with Mary for about 20 years.

Mary does not regret the hospital comment

Even though Mary had apologized for telling Jen she smelled like “hospital” on RHOSLC, she admits on WWHL that she doesn’t actually feel bad about the comment.

Andy asks Mary if she regrets that comment during the Do You Regret It segment.

“No, I do not,” Mary responds.

“I never said Jen smelt like hospital,” she says explaining herself. “I just smelt hospital in the room when Jen entered. So, it wasn’t like a direct Jen contact. So, I don’t regret it. I smelt it.”

This comment has been the crux of the majority of the drama on the show.

The comment created a feud between Mary and Jen, and they expected their friends to pick sides.

Despite how explosive the feud has gotten over time, castmate Heather Gay still thinks there’s hope for the two to rekindle their friendship.

The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City airs Wednesdays at 10/9c on Bravo.

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