Heather Gay says all hope is not lost for Mary Cosby and Jen Shah to be friends

Heather Gay opens up about the future of Mary Cosby and Jen Shah's feud.
Heather Gay opens up about the future of Mary Cosby and Jen Shah’s feud. Pic credit: Bravo.

Real Housewives of Salt Lake City star Heather Gay believes that there is still hope for Mary Cosby and Jen Shah’s friendship despite all the drama they endured this season.

Heather dishes on the chances of Mary and Jen rekindling their friendship on Everything Iconic with Danny Pellegrino.

“Absolutely they will be friends and they can be friends eventually,” Heather affirms. “They have so much in common.”

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Even though the women’s similarities have drawn them apart thus far, Heather thinks that eventually, their similarities will bring them back together.

“They love fashion–they just, they both have apartments in New York. Just like big things,” Heather explains. “They’re bi-costal, they’re both, you know, business owners, they both have more Chanel than any of us. You know, there’s enough to build a friendship on, ladies. That’s more than I had with my husband.”

“I think they’re both capable of having friendships that…you can avoid landmines and they just have to both choose to do that,” Heather adds.

Even though Heather believes the two will eventually repair their friendship, it’s not likely that viewers will see that happen during this season or the recently-filmed reunion.

Heather Gay (Real Housewives of Salt Lake City) on Everything Iconic with Danny Pellegrino

How the feud started

Jen and Mary both admitted that they used to be friends prior to filming.

However, one comment tore their friendship in half.

Jen claimed that Mary told her she “smells like hospital.”

Mary owned up to that and explained that she pointed it out because it was a smell that triggered her and reminded her of the time she almost died in the hospital.

Jen, however, thought that Mary made the comment with more ill intent because she claimed that she hadn’t been to the hospital that day, but Mary knew her aunt was in the hospital getting her legs amputated.

That one comment led to drama between the two throughout the entire season.

Jen expected her friends to choose sides and referred to Mary as “the woman who f**ked her grandfather.”

After Jen tried to justify her comment, Mary kicked her out of her luncheon, and in return, Jen didn’t invite her to her husband’s surprise party.

Mary has since claimed that despite the drama it caused, she does not regret telling Jen that she “smells like hospital.”

Will Jen ever forgive Mary for her hospital comment?

Even though Mary is firmly sticking to her hospital comment, Jen has since said she would be willing to forgive Mary if she ever offered a genuine apology.

“I just want her to apologize and say sorry,” Jen told Page Six. “I’m very easy. Like, I know people make mistakes, even though that mistake was like … that’s just like you’re not a nice person. But, hey, let’s just apologize and mean it, be genuine and then let’s just move on. We can do that. That’s literally all I want from her to move forward.”

It doesn’t seem like either of the stubborn women plan on admitting fault.

Heather still has hope that someday, they will be able to overlook the issue and be friends again.

The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City airs Wednesdays at 10/9c on Bravo.

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