Married at First Sight: Where is Haley Harris now?

MAFS star Haley Harris close-up
What happened to MAFS star Haley Harris? Pic credit: Lifetime

Haley Harris was matched with Jacob Harder on Season 12 of Married at First Sight, but we knew early on that this love story would not end well.

To be fair, though, the same could be said for almost all of the Atlanta couples, which included Chris Williams and Paige Banks, Clara Berghaus and Ryan Oubre, Virginia Coombs, and Erik Lake and Briana Myles and Vincent Morales.

Not surprisingly, the only couple still standing today is Briana and Vincent, as the other pairs crumbled early in their marriage.

Even those who made it to Decision Day and opted to stay married didn’t fair too well after that.

Haley and Jacob started off on a rocky path and stumbled throughout the season. However, in the end, they opted to get a divorce which we all thought was for the best.

Haley got the brunt of the backlash for the demise of her marriage, while viewers applauded Jacob for trying to make the best of the situation.

Monsters and Critics recently caught up with Jacob to dish about his time on the show and where things stand with Haley today–hint, hint, he’s blocked her on social media.

Now it’s timed to see what Haley has been up to since we saw her last.

MAFS star Haley Harris has been busy exploring the world

Haley has remained close friends with some of her castmates, namely Paige Banks, Virginia Coombs, and Clara Berghaus.

A few weeks ago, Paige, Haley, and Clara enjoyed a shopping spree courtesy of Pretty Little Things, who had a pop-up event in Atlanta. Haley shared snaps on Instagram of their fun day out as they snagged bags full of clothing and enjoyed drinks and music at the event.

Haley doesn’t stay in Atlanta much these days as she’s been doing a lot of traveling outside of the US. The places ticked off her bucket list are Bali, Egypt, Colombia, Monaco, Portugal, Mexico, and Ireland, to name a few.

Since her time on the show, Haley has not been in any serious relationships–or at least none that she has publicly shared on social media. But she seems to be enjoying the single life by spending lots of time with friends and family when she’s not traveling.

Haley Harris is now an entrepreneur

Haley has also added a new title to her bio, that of an entrepreneur with her company, Wovyn, which sources one-of-a-kind Turkish rugs.

The rugs are all hand selected by the MAFS star and are sustainably sourced and imported from regions of Central Anatolia in Turkey and Marrakech-Safi in Morocco.

The proud entrepreneur has been busy promoting her brand on social media, and she was recently in midtown showcasing her wares and selling the unique finds.

You can also check out our exclusive Interview with Haley’s ex Jacob Harder below.

Married at First Sight airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on Lifetime.

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8 months ago

Totally agree with Jacob about people who use social media to hear themseves There losers and have nothing else to do their idiots.