Married at First Sight update: Johnny Lam found love after failed marriage to Bao Hoang

MAFS star Johnny Lam close-up
What happened to Johnny Lam since he appeared on MAFS? Pic credit: Lifetime

Things have turned around quite a bit for Johnny Lam since we last saw him on Season 13 of Married at First Sight when he was paired with Bao Hoang.

Johnny could not escape the wrath of viewers for his behavior toward his wife after they tied the knot and kicked off the eight-week experiment.

People grew frustrated with Johnny as he continued to nitpick at the most trivial things in the relationship, and it wasn’t long before we realized that their relationship was not going to last.

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Johnny got the blame for the rapid decline of his marriage as it appeared — at least to us watching on the other side — that only Bao was putting effort into their marriage. Interestingly though, something clicked for Johnny toward the end.

After some introspection, he finally realized that Bao was a total catch, and on Decision Day he opted to stay married. Sadly though it was a little too late for Mr Johnny because Bao wanted out, and she chose to end their marriage.

Let’s see what Johhny has been up to since we last saw him on TV.

MAFS star Johnny Lam is no longer a single guy

Johnny Lam went on 100 dates before his time on MAFS, but now he can delete those dating apps because he’s seemingly found the one.

Johhny, who is now divorced, has a gorgeous girlfriend named Kayla Fischer and they seem to be the perfect match.

The couple shares a love for travel, food, and adventure, and we’ve seen photos of them on social media hiking, zip lining, and working out together in the gym.

Plus, you know it’s serious when the girlfriend meets the parents and yes, Kayla has met Johhny’s mom and by all accounts, she approves.

Kayla has also met and hung out with Johnny’s close MAFS pals, Myrla Feria and Rachel Gordillo. It’s unclear when the couple started dating, but Johnny posted his first photo of Kayla on Instagram back in September 2022.

Johnny Lam still lives in Houston, Texas

As for what else is going on in Johnny’s life, we know that he’s still very close friends with some of his MAFS castmates specifically Myrla and Rachel. The trio has been out and about to several events and has even traveled outside of the country together.

Season 13 was filmed in Houston, Texas, and Johnny is still living his best life right there in Texas.

At the moment though, he’s not in the US as he and Kayla’s latest adventures have taken them to Bangkok, Thailand.

Johnny recently shared photos on Instagram from their trip and wrote, “Touched down in Bangkok! Street food, wai / ไหว้ / 🙏, shopping malls, Thai tea, sunset pool time, Thai massages, night markets, coconuts, and a hand drawn portrait that doesn’t really look like us.”

Married at First Sight airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on Lifetime.

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