Married at First Sight stars throw shade as Australian version comes to Lifetime

MAF alums are not impressed with the Aussie version. Pic credit:@aj_vollmoeller/Instagram/Lifetime

The Australian version of  Lifetime’s popular reality show, Married at First Sight is set to hit US airwaves, but not everyone is waiting with bated breath.

For the past ten years, the show, with the help of experts has focused on matching couples in the US with their ideal partners.

Lifetime is now trying to replicate the success of the social experiment by showing episodes of the Australian version of the show.

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While some fans might be excited to see what this new show will bring, the same cannot be said for alums of the original version.

After a very dramatic season Season 10, the network has announced a premiere date for the Australian version.

However, former MAFS alums are already slamming the series, noting that it does not compare to its US counterpart.

Jamie Otis and AJ Vollmoeller sound off on MAFS: Australia

The official Married at First Sight Instagram account recently shared a post about the upcoming show, posting images of the couples along with the caption, “Are you ready to go Down Under?  Say hello to the cast of #MAFSAustralia.”

A few familiar faces responded to the question, including one of the most popular cast members, season one alum Jamie Otis.

She said in part “I heard the Australian version is bonkers. Like couples switch partners, etc. ”

Adding, “Im glad we keep it more simple & real here in America. (And our couples – well, *most* of our couples – are married bc they genuinely want true love/marriage) .” But that won’t stop Otis from watching the show.

Jamie Otis says Aussie show will be nutty. Pic credit:@mafslifetime/Instagram

The mom-of-two isn’t the only one who doesn’t seem impressed.

AJ Vollmoeller from the season 8 cast also chimed in with his own opinion about the Aussie series, saying the show is “scripted” and is a ” very fake version of MAFS.”

AJ’s wife Stephanie also posted laughing emojis in response to a comment bashing the show.

AJ Vollmoeller comments on MAFS: Australia. Pic credit: @mafslifetime/Instagram

Married at First Sight: Australia

Jamie and AJ are not the only ones not feeling the new show.

Many fans of the original series have expressed that they won’t be watching when the new show premieres.

While some persons shared that they will give the show a try, many comments have been negative.

The majority of the negative comments refer to the show seeming fake and filled with scripted drama just for views.

The format of Married at First Sight: Australia show is similar to that of the U.S version in many regards.

The couples are matched by three experts and they will get married, go on a honeymoon and settle into domestic life, as cameras capture their every move.

However, it’s double the couples and double the airtime for the Aussies. Their version will feature 12 couples and will be shown twice a week, with 2-hour episodes.

Will you be watching?

Married at First Sight: Australia premiers May 27 at 9/8 central on Lifetime.

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