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Married at First Sight spoilers: Are Zach and Mindy still together?

Married at First Sight: Zach and Mindy
Married at First Sight’s Mindy and Zach talking about Zach’s alleged “emotional affair.” Pic credit: Lifetime

Mindy Shiben and Zach Justice have one of the worst relationships in Married at First Sight history.

Mindy continues to try her best to deal with Zach’s lack of interest and participation, while the odds of their relationship surviving drastically decrease.

Fans are dying to know if the couple is still together.

No love at first sight

Zach and Mindy have had nothing but problems since they got married.

Mindy was VERY attracted to Zach when they first met. Unfortunately, the feeling wasn’t mutual, and Zach has unnecessarily continued to remind Mindy of this over and over again.

This seems to be why Zach took a step back from the very beginning and has put a significant strain on their relationship.

Mindy was upset by the fact that Zach wasn’t attracted to her, and although she was disappointed, she tried her best to remain hopeful that eventually, he would take the time to get to know her and the attraction might grow.

Unfortunately, no matter how patient Mindy is about Zach not moving in and robbing her of the experience, Zach continues to bring up the “attraction” issue, and it has become a significant roadblock.

Spoiler alert!

Warning: some Married at First Sight relationship spoilers about Mindy and Zach are ahead! Stop reading now if you want to be surprised on decision day.

Along the way, there have been many moments when we think Zach might be coming around, and that maybe, just maybe, he will finally move in with Mindy and give this relationship a chance.

He never does, according to MAFSfan. It’s such an awful situation for Mindy. Why did she have to be matched with this guy?

Typically, it would be much too soon to tell, but recently some spoilers have surfaced regarding their status and what happens on decision day.

MAFSFan on Instagram recently posted some spoilers about Zach and Mindy and said the couple filed for divorce after they finished filming.

They noted that primarily it was because Zach was allegedly having an “emotional affair” with Mindy’s friend Lindsay, but we have a feeling there was MUCH more to it than that.

Do you think there’s any chance in hell that Mindy and Zach will stay together, or do you believe the spoilers and think they will get a divorce?

Decision day should be interesting…

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