Married at First Sight Reunion rumors: Who hosted and who was a no-show

Mindy and Zach
Married at First Sight: Will Zach Ever Move in With Mindy? Pic credit: Lifetime

After some questions about who would host the Married at First Sight Reunion show that was taped in LA this weekend, due to the Oscars last night, we now know who hosted and which unlucky cast member was asked not to attend, thanks to blogger Mafsfan.

Who hosted the show this time

Kevin Frazier, an Entertainment Tonight staple, usually hosts the Reunion Special every year. There was some speculation that he possibly wouldn’t this year, simply because the Oscars were the day after the reunion.

Well, no fear, Kevin was there and in full effect.

According to Mafsfan, he was the host, and the show was “a circus.” The reunion show can sometimes be the most entertaining part of the season. After seeing the cast go through the experiment, viewers sometimes get a lot of shocking surprises while watching the reunion episode.

Previously, we’ve learned of couples splitting up during the reunion, and even of some having a baby. We’ve also seen some attitudes and explanation of attitudes during the reunion show.

No one can forget Season 2’s Ryan and Jessica and their huge blowup on the reunion. And who could forget when Danielle and Bobby from Season 7 announced that they were pregnant?

Kevin Frazier
Mafsfan has confirmed that Kevin Frazier will host the Married at First Sight Reunion again. Pic credit: Instagram/Mafsfan
Mafsfan's reunion tea
Mafsfan confirms that the Reunion Special is a circus. Pic credit: Instagram/Mafsfan

Who wasn’t invited and clues as to why

One of the cast members was allegedly uninvited to the taping. Brandon Reid was a no-show this weekend. There’s no explanation as to why he wasn’t invited, but there are plenty of clues that could lead to one.

Brandon Reid
Brandon was uninvited to the reunion taping according to Mafsfan. Pic credit: Instagram/Mafsfan

Brandon has been one of the most discussed castmembers this season. At his wedding to Taylor, he seemed a little off, barely speaking and extremely awkward.

Then there was him calling Taylor “Mrs. Reid” every five seconds. On their honeymoon, he even shut down for a full day when he noticed that Taylor was recording him sleeping.

There was a conversation about Taylor’s social media, where Brandon seemed to have some insecurities about the fact that she had so many followers. And in the last episode, viewers saw Brandon blow up at production, the cameraman, and his wife because he didn’t want to film.

The producers possibly didn’t want to deal with Brandon and his mood swings at the reunion. But there’s also another possibility.

Brandon was the first cast member ever to file for a divorce before the wedding episodes finished airing. The producers possibly didn’t appreciate him throwing away his marriage before the season really got going.

I guess viewers will have to watch to find out.

Married at First Sight airs on Wednesdays at 8/7c on Lifetime.

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