Married at First Sight: Is Taylor on Instagram spilling all the tea about her and Brandon?

Taylor posted a video that said she was single. When a blogger posted the video, a new Instagram account was in the comments giving Taylor’s side of the story. Pic credit: Lifetime

New details are coming out as to why Married at First Sight stars Brandon and Taylor are divorcing.

The previews for the upcoming episode of Married at First Sight opened up a whole can of worms on social media.

The preview included an Instagram Live video of Taylor saying she is single while listing qualifications for the type of man she wants.

Mafsfan posted the full video, and viewers started commenting.

One mystery Instagram account, in particular, had a lot to say about Taylor’s perspective and explained Taylor’s side of the story.

Other commenters accused the account of being Taylor, and the person all but admitted that she was Taylor.

Taylor's Instagram post
In the preview, this video of Taylor was shown, with her stating that she just wanted a man with the listed qualifications. Pic credit: @MafsfanBlogger/Instagram

What was said in the comments

According to the blogger, Taylor’s Instagram Live video was posted right after the honeymoons. Many people had an issue with the fact that Taylor posted the video at all, as a married woman.

A newly-created Instagram account, with no picture, showed up in the comments defending Taylor’s choice of posting the video.

The commenter stated that she was at the wedding and a friend of Taylor’s from school. She claimed that Taylor posted the video to kill speculation that she was on the show.

She also said that Brandon showed the video to production to make Taylor look bad because he felt that he looked bad on the show.

Taylor's comments on Instagram
Someone stepped into the comments to explain why Taylor posted the video on Instagram. Pic credit: Instagram/Mafsfan
Instagram Comments
The mystery account explained why she thought Brandon shared Taylor’s video with production. Pic credit: Instagram/Mafsfan
Instagram Comments
The mystery account claims that she is a friend of Taylor’s who was at the wedding. Pic credit: Instagram/Mafsfan

Once others started questioning the explanation for Taylor’s video, the mystery account further explained about the fines the cast receives for discussing the details of the show before it has aired.

Instagram Comments
The mystery account explained that the cast gets fined for talking about the show before it airs. Pic credit: Instagram/Mafsfan

Everyone believes it is actually Taylor behind the mystery account

Because of all the details, the mystery account started getting accused of actually being Taylor. One person stated that they were suspicious because the account was just created and had no details or a picture.

The mystery account started to defend herself.

Instagram Commets
The mystery account defended herself against accusations that she was actually Taylor. Pic credit: Instagram/Mafsfan

She then all but admitted that she actually was Taylor.

Instagram Comments
The mystery account basically admitted that she was Taylor. Pic credit: Instagram/Mafsfan

The mystery account shared a few more details about the show

According to the mystery poster, Brandon and Michael are “unstable.” She also stated that the show would finish airing in April.

Instagram Comments
The person said that the show ends in April and that both Michael and Brandon are “unstable”. Pic credit: Instagram/Mafsfan

She also claims that the rumor about Taylor being a last-minute addition is untrue.

She claims that Taylor was picked for the show in late May/early June and that the whole rumor is an attempt to trash her by Brandon’s groomsmen.

Instagram Comments
The person commenting says that Taylor was not a last-minute addition. Pic credit: Instagram/Mafsfan

Fans started wondering if Taylor was trying to insinuate that Brandon was gay. Taylor…er um, the mystery account cleared that right up.

Instagram Comments
The person behind the mystery account says that Taylor doesn’t believe Brandon is gay. Pic credit: Instagram/Mafsfan

This season is turning out to be super messy.

Married at First Sight airs on Wednesdays at 8/7c on Lifetime.

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