Married at First Sight: Iris wanted to give up virginity to Keith, blames him for failed relationship

Iris talks about the demise of her marriage to Keith
Iris Caldwell talks MAFS season 9. Pic credit: Lifetime

Fans were rooting for Keith Manley and Iris Caldwell during their stint on Married at First Sight, but sadly their relationship did not make it.

Iris shocked viewers when she revealed that she was a virgin, but the person who was most shaken up by the revelation was her new husband, Keith.

Overwhelmed with the pressure of being her “first,” Keith was unimpressed by Iris’s lack of sexual experience — telling the experts that she lacked emotional maturity.

After the eight-week experiment, Iris wanted to continue working on her marriage, but Manley wanted out.

Now the MAFS Season 9 alum is shedding more light on her relationship — and she’s not taking the blame for the demise of her marriage!

Iris blames Keith for their divorce

During an interview on The Love Hour Podcast, hosts Melissa and Kev asked the 28-year-old if her decision to stand firm on her values caused her to lose out on her chance at love.

“Not at all,” Iris said. “When you’re lowering your standards and your morals and values for a check, for a tv show, for someone else, you’re losing yourself; you’re no longer who you are.”

The Married at First Sight alum revealed that it did take some time for her to open up to her husband, but says that she had all intentions to consummate her marriage.

“The other partner has to be willing to give of themselves as well, and it’s hard when you’re the one that feels like, ‘okay I’m giving, I’m trying.’ But, when you’re hitting a brick wall in so many ways, it’s an issue,” Iris said.

“I know that one of the questions Pastor Cal asked him was, ‘why not?’ And he was like, ‘I’m not ready to take her virginity.'”

The model also shared that small things throughout their relationship made her stop and think.

“Whoa, do I really want to give this to this person? They’ve shown me things and done things that I’m a little skeptical about.”

Despite the roadblocks, Iris still wanted to stay married because eight weeks was not enough time to get to know someone.

Unfortunately, Keith did not want to continue with the marriage and opted for a divorce on Decision Day.

Are Keith and Iris officially divorced?

As you know, these things take time, so it’s been almost a full year later, and Keith and Iris are still legally married.

Caldwell revealed in the interview that they had signed the paperwork for their divorce, expecting it to be official by the end of June.

Married at First Sight: Australia airs Wednesday & Thursday nights at 9/8c on Lifetime.

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4 years ago

Now they needs to interview Keith Manley give him a chance to reveal his truth and not just her side.

Nikki martin
Nikki martin
4 years ago

Boooooo this is so one sided. She has to know it wasn’t just about the sex but wait she doesn’t because she’s not mature enough to see it. THAT was the issue!

4 years ago

I was really hoping they could work it out. I didn’t see her as immature, I thought they complimented each other and thought Keith really cared for her. I was really surprised he wanted a divorce. I think he was scared bc she was a virgin, and didn’t think he would live up to her standards, but she had no one to compare it too. I really wish they stayed together

3 years ago

Oh come on you can get an annulment if a marriage isnt consummated. Why did she even go on the show if she wasn’t going to give up her virginity. She acted like the queen because of it and it must have made him feel he wasn’t good enough for her to get it. Or maybe she has some odd sexual hangups. I thought virgins gave it up once married. How long does a man have to wait. She kept putting herself on such a pedestool for it, like he should beg. I wish she would have had sex though so they could have really seen if they were compatible. Now it seems like she is chasing him. He was a catch too. I think she was sexually frustrating him like a tease. Did she want him to beg? Most women learn a man is very much into sex. Also there has to be sexual compatibility even when people are having sex.