Married at First Sight fans are calling Vincent and Briana the Woody and Amani of this season

Briana and Vincent’s chemistry peeked its way through as early as their wedding day. Pic credit: Lifetime

While this season of Married at First Sight definitely has its drama, there is some love blossoming too.

Newlyweds Vincent and Briana are the pair giving viewers hope in the controversial social experiment. Both came with a commitment to the process, and so far the experts have been right about these two.

With a match so spot-on, fans are comparing the couple to another success story from the franchise – Woody and Amani.

Vincent and Briana’s marriage has started off strong

Although Briana’s family warned Vincent that she may be a little bossy, he says she gets away with it because she treats him right. While Briana is more particular, Vincent is proving to be the patient partner she needed.

While on the honeymoon with his new wife, Vincent receives a call this his grandmother suffered a heart attack. Thankfully his grandmother recovered, but his new partner definitely demonstrated that she had his back through the emotional moment.

It was a stressful situation but it led them to build trust and gain a new comfortability with each other.

This new emotional connection led to a physical advancement as well. At dinner, the couple reveals they officially consummated their marriage. Vincent and Briana agree that the moment of stress brought them closer together as a couple.

Fans are comparing these newlyweds to another successful couple from the franchise

With a couple with sparks this early, it’s only natural that fans are comparing this to another success story – last season’s Woody and Amani.

Woody and Amani stole the show when the experiment took New Orleans. Sharing an instant connection at the wedding, the connection only grew during their time together in the experiment.

One fan compares Briana and Vincent to another successful MAFS couple.
One fan compares Briana and Vincent to another successful MAFS couple. Pic credit: @RoneshaLuv/Twitter

Viewers can only hope that Briana and Vincent share the same fate.

So far the couple has seemed almost perfect but one of the struggles they will face in their future is finances.

Briana initially asked the experts for someone who made more money than her. However, thanks to her nice engineer income, her pay rate is higher than the average person.

Vincent is an entrepreneur and currently in the early stages of launching his business. His work is a sore spot for him as his ex dumped him for not pursuing a more traditional route.

Do you think Briana and Vincent will stay married after Decision Day?

Married at First Sight airs on Wednesdays at 8/7c pm on Lifetime.

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3 years ago

I agree. I like this couple.