Married at First Sight exclusive: Jessica and Austin talk married life during the coronavirus pandemic

Austin Hurd and Jessica Studer
Jessica and Austin are the newest MAFS couple to stay together after Decision Day. Pic credit: Lifetime
Austin Hurd and Jessica Studer
Jessica and Austin are the newest MAFS couple to stay together after Decision Day. Pic credit: Lifetime

Jessica and Austin are the only couple from Season 10 of Married at First Sight that stayed together after Decision Day.

While still newlyweds, this brand new couple was still getting to know each other when the coronavirus pandemic struck, turning many lives upside down.

On Married at First Sight: Couples’ Cam, we’ve been able to see what life during the pandemic has been like for all the still-married couples. What we’ve learned is that each of their journeys has been very different.

For Jessica and Austin, there were quite a few changes to their already new life together. For starters, Jessica has been working even more than usual after accepting an assignment to her hospital’s COVID-19 unit, while Austin’s travel has been cut short.

We couldn’t help but wonder how these new challenges have affected Jessica and Austin’s relationship, especially considering that they are still really getting to know each other.

Monsters & Critics had the opportunity to talk to Jessica and Austin about their time together under lockdown and how coronavirus has affected their marriage.

Pandemic has brought Jessica and Austin closer together

When asked about their experience as a brand new married couple dealing with a global pandemic, they said it helped their relationship.

“Quarantine has definitely brought us closer as a couple,” they said. “With lockdown in place, we are spending a lot of time together and learning how we handle stress and change.”

They did admit that there were some arguments initially as they got to grips with the situation, with lockdown, meaning there were “new expectations” for each other and that “adjustments were needed.” However, they are now closer than ever.

Jessica Studer and Austin Hurd from Married at First Sight Season 10
Jessica and Austin have been brought closer by the pandemic. Pic credit: @jessica_studer2/Instagram

The couple said that, of the two of them, Austin had found the pandemic harder to deal with — because Jessica’s role as a nurse on the frontlines had left him feeling “helpless” to protect her.

Jessica has been on the frontlines in COVID-19 fight

When asked what they had most appreciated about each other during the pandemic, Austin was quick to praise his wife and other medical staff.

“My wife is a nurse during this pandemic, what is there not to appreciate about that?” he said. ” I couldn’t be more proud of how she stepped up into her position on the COVID-19 unit.”

For her part, Jessica said she appreciated that Austin had taken on more household chores and always made sure she had what she needed at home.

“He understands my job is stressful and does the little errands around the house, so when I come home, we can have dinner and relax together instead of doing errands,” she said. “Austin has also been extremely patient with me during the time.”

One thing they are both united on is what they will do first when it is safe to do so again.

“Go out to eat,” they said. “And order a beer!”

Married at First Sight: Couples’ Cam airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on Lifetime.

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