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Marriage Boot Camp exclusive: Willie and Shanda rehash cheating drama with Dr. Ish

This week on Marriage Boot Camp: Hip Hop Edition, Willie and Shanda are talking about the shocking cheating incident that nearly ended their marriage.

As many Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood viewers know, Willie cheated on Shanda with another woman and much of the drama was caught on camera. Because their marital issues were filmed and replayed for a national TV audience, it made their recovery that much harder.

Now that the pair have made their way to Marriage Boot Camp, they’re working on healing some of the hurt that still lingers and they are working to build back trust and further strengthen their marriage.

In this exclusive Marriage Boot Camp: Hip Hop Edition sneak peek, Willie and Shanda open up even more about the cheating incident and how it affected them both personally and within their relationship.

Shanda Denyce put up walls

As the clip starts, Dr. Ish asks Shanda what it looked like after the affair. And using a doll to symbolize herself, she stacked a wall of pillows on top to signify that wall she built in an effort to protect herself from the hurt her husband and the affair had caused.

Shanda kept piling on the pillows until the doll couldn’t be seen anymore, which is believable considering that the affair happened four years ago and there is still resentment and hurt lingering.

Dr. Ish turned to Willie and asked how long it took after the affair for things to return to normal. And while it can be argued that, after an affair, things never really go back to the way they were, he said that it took “half a year” for the couple to get back to a place that was “somewhat comfortable.”

The Marriage Boot Camp psychiatrist didn’t seem surprised, telling the couple, “That’s about average.”

Dr. Ish talks about foreplay and how to get things spicy again

One thing that Dr. Ish pointed out to Willie and Shanda that others watching the show can take with them is that foreplay isn’t something that “starts in the bedroom.”

He advised the couple, “For a woman, foreplay starts in the morning. Text messages… phone calls…”

And with Tahiry in the front row, agreeing with everything that Dr. Ish had to say, he suggested that Willie start out flirting with his wife, letting her know that he’s interested and making sure she knows how attractive she feels.”

That’s some great advice for Marriage Boot Camp viewers too, as sometimes things do get a little bit stale and a good way to freshen up a relationship is to just put in a little bit more effort to let your partner know that they are loved and appreciated.

He told Shanda and Willie, “You just gotta take 30 seconds to think about it and do it and the payoff will be humongous.”

Check out the latest Marriage Boot Camp: Hip Hop Edition sneak peek above and be sure to tune in tonight to see what each of the couples has in store.

Willie and Shanda get some great advice from Dr. Ish on Marriage Boot Camp: Hip Hop Edition
Dr. Ish has some great advice for Shanda and Willie as they continue working to strengthen their marriage: Pic credit: WEtv

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