Marriage Boot Camp exclusive: Is Stew doing too much on Instagram?

Stew and Michel'le on Marriage Boot Camp: Hip Hip Edition
Should Stew tone it down a bit on the ‘Gram? Pic credit: WEtv

Stew and Michel’le have been working through their relationship issues this season on Marriage Boot Camp: Hip Hip Edition. One of the biggest is that Michel’le is really insecure, but could Stew’s over-the-top Instagram photos be contributing to that?

On the upcoming episode, Stew is going to be put on the spot as his Instagram posts are examined. And with a crowd looking on, Michel’le’s man will try to explain why he shares so many photos of himself cozying up to beautiful women for a photo opp.

Stew is called out for sharing very friendly photos on Instagram

Watch the exclusive sneak peek above to see Stew squirm as a woman tells him, “Based on your photos, it wouldn’t really seem that you’re so committed to Michel’le. It seems you’re getting very close to these kind of strange women.”

Then, the woman turns to Michel’le to ask, “Michel’le, looking at this, is there anything you want to say about these? Does this make you feel uncomfortable or…?”

And with the utmost grace, Michel’le jumped in to defend her man, explaining that he is “in the industry” and she has to allow him to take and share pictures from events. She doesn’t really seem fazed at all by the photos that Stew has been posting and even cracked a joke about one particular photo where he had his hand on another woman’s hip.

“Her behind is a little big and he probably didn’t know where to put his hand because mine isn’t,” Michel’le quipped. She’s not seeming so insecure here at all.

Stew and Michel'le on Marriage Boot Camp: Hip Hip Edition
Should Stew tone it down a bit on the ‘Gram? Pic credit: WEtv

So is Stew still posting questionable pictures?

After getting called out for posting pictures with other women that look like they might be posing for the prom, we couldn’t help but wonder if Stew is still doing that or if he’s calmed down stuff.

What we learned from this visit to Chef Stew’s Instagram is that there is food… a lot of food.

There are also a lot of pictures where Stew poses with other people. And while he does have pictures of himself and other women, he’s just as close and even puts his arm around men in photos that are shared as well.


So, while Stew’s pictures with other women might seem worrisome when seen by themselves, looking at the big picture, it’s pretty clear that Chef Stew isn’t using his Instagram to do anything that Michel’le should be upset about.

Marriage Boot Camp: Hip Hop Edition airs Thursdays at 10/9c on WEtv. 

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