Marlena Wesh roots for Brandon Jones and Serene Russell to date 

Marlena Wesh
Marlena Wesh approves of Brandon and Serene’s potential love connection. Pic credit: ABC

Serene Russell is officially back in the dating pool after Clayton Echard sent her home during hometowns. 

However, Serene may not be single for long as several men from Bachelor Nation have expressed interest in her. 

The Bachelorette Season 17 star Brandon Jones has been very outspoken about his attraction to Serene and many viewers love the idea of the two forming a romantic relationship. 

Serene’s The Bachelor Season 26 costar Marlena Wesh is also in support of a potential love connection between Brandon and Serene and she took to social media to voice her approval. 

Marlena Wesh gives Brandon Jones and Serene Russell her approval 

The Bachelor viewers are still hopeful that Serene can find love within the franchise, especially considering she’s already caught the attention of several Bachelor Nation stars. 

A fan tweeted with confidence that Serene and Brandon would work as a couple and suggested that their appearance on Bachelor in Paradise together is inevitable. 

The tweet read, “You know who wouldn’t break Serene’s heart” and featured a photo of Brandon next to a photo of Serene.

The fan added, “…we all know it’s coming” with an island emoji that seemingly alluded to Bachelor in Paradise. 

Marlena shared the fan’s tweet and wrote, “My name’s Marlena and I approve this message.” 

Marlena and plenty others appear to already be shipping Brandon and Serene together but it remains to be seen if Serene is also as interested in Brandon as he is in her and if the two will potentially link up in paradise. 

Brandon Jones celebrates after Serene Russell gets sent home 

As reported by Monsters & Critics, Brandon had a The Bachelor watch party with The Bachelorette Season 17 star Daniel Tully and he was thrilled by the results of the final rose ceremony. 

The latest episode saw Serene Russell being sent home by Clayton Echard after hometowns and, while the elimination was initially devastating for Serene, Brandon was overjoyed to learn that Serene was now single. 

Brandon filmed his reaction to the rose ceremony and shared it on his Instagram stories. He watched with bated breath to see who Clayton would send home. When Clayton revealed he was parting ways with Serene, Brandon leaped up and couldn’t contain his excitement. 

Brandon clearly appears ready to shoot his shot with Serene so time will tell if the two hit it off and explore a relationship on Bachelor in Paradise.

Are you rooting for Brandon and Serene to find love in paradise? 

The Bachelor airs Mondays at 8/7c on ABC. 

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