Marlena Wesh gushes about The Bachelor women for International Women’s Day

The Bachelor women
Marlena Wesh and The Bachelor contestants praise one another in a heartfelt post. Pic credit: @marlenawesh/Instagram

After several days of pure drama, Marlena Wesh posted a heartfelt tribute to her Bachelor castmates for International Women’s Day.

Marlena gushed about Clayton Echard’s contestants, and the women, in turn, showered praise on Marlena and each other in the comment section.

Marlena posted an Instagram album of some of the women’s most memorable moments from their time on the show.

Marlena Wesh gushed about The Bachelor women for International Women’s Day

The women were pictured cuddled up at the Women Tell All, reunited for dinner and drinks, and even showing off their singing chops with karaoke in the car.

“These women and I left our jobs, our families, our friends, and our lives to take a shot at finding love,” Marlena wrote. “To be vulnerable, to cry, to be criticized, to have an entire relationship filmed, chopped and screwed, and put out for millions to view, for their entertainment, is not easy.”

She went on to say that viewers only saw a fraction of the 17-hour days spent filming and that it was easy to criticize based on those small segments.

“What you didn’t witness was the comforting words when one of us was feeling insecure, the singing, the dancing, the laughter, the workouts, the tears cried amongst one another sharing our own stories, the cuddles, the hand holding in unity and support during rose ceremony,” Marlena wrote.

Clayton Echard’s contestants praised Marlena Wesh for her tribute post

Marlena’s Bachelor friends rushed to the comment section to assure her the feelings were mutual.

“Reading this gave me chills. I love you Marlena,” Susie Evans wrote. “So grateful that this crazy experience brought you into my life.”

“You’re a blessing to anyone that knows you,” Gabby Windey added. “What I would give to belly laugh all night with you again. Ily mama!!”

Sierra Jackson and Genevieve Parisi also jumped in on echoing Marlena’s sentiments.

Instagram comments
Pic credit: @marlenawesh/Instagram

Elizabeth Corrigan, Hunter Haag, Kira Mengistu, Kate Gallivan, Jane Paik, and Ency Abedin also shared the love.

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Pic credit: @marlenawesh/Instagram
Instagram comments
Pic credit: @marlenawesh/Instagram

Even controversial contestant Sarah Hamrick wrote, “My girl! The last photo from night 1 makes me emotional.”

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Pic credit: @marlenawesh/Instagram

Despite a wild reunion at the Women Tell All taping, it appears that The Bachelor women are putting their differences aside and keeping their friendships strong going forward.

The women may not have found love with Clayton Echard, but they seem to all have met someone special in one another.

The Bachelor airs on Mondays at 8/7c on ABC.