Sarah Hamrick explains how producers led her to believe Clayton Echard cried on their date 

Sarah Hamrick
Sarah Hamrick calls the drama around whether Clayton cried or not ‘silly.’ Pic credit: ABC

Sarah Hamrick was in the hot seat during the recent Women Tell All and found herself at the center of one of the biggest questions of the night.

Everyone at the Women Tell All wanted to know once and for all if Sarah lied when she claimed Clayton Echard cried with her. 

Clayton has continually denied ever crying with Sarah, despite Sarah continuing to maintain that he did, and at the end of the Women Tell All many were led to believe that Sarah was in fact being dishonest.

However, Sarah hasn’t backed down and she recently gave more insight into why she believed Clayton did cry while on a date with her. 

Sarah Hamrick doubles down after claiming that Clayton Echard cried 

Sarah Hamrick took to her Instagram stories to share one of her tweets. 

The tweet addressed a conversation she allegedly had with her producer during her date with Clayton. 

Sarah’s tweet makes reference to her one-on-one date with Clayton where the pair were tasked with stripping down to their underwear and running around town. 

In her tweet regarding the behind-the-scenes of that date, Sarah wrote, “me to my producer during my 1 on 1: ‘I’m already embarrassed to be in my underwear and now he’s seeing me cry.’ 

The tweet continued, “my producer: ‘well if it makes you feel any better Clayton is uncomfortable and over there crying to his producer too.’

Finally, the tweet concluded with, “everyone: wAiT sO hE cRiEd ??” 

Sarah added text to her Instagram story, writing, “this is silly” with a laughing emoji.

According to the tweet Sarah shared, it would appear she believed Clayton was crying on their date because a producer allegedly told her so. 

Sarah Hamrick's Instagram story
Pic credit: @sarahahamrick/Instagram

Clayton Echard says ‘real men cry’

With so much conversation surrounding whether or not he cried, Clayton aimed to share his piece at the Women Tell All.

Clayton made it clear that he has no issue with crying as he shed tears often on the show and believes that ‘real men cry.’

Instead, Clayton expressed that his real issue with Sarah was that she was telling the other women untrue stories about her relationship with him and those stories were pushing the other women to want to pack their bags and leave. 

Clayton and Sarah clearly both have different recollections of their date, but both seem eager to put the silly drama behind them and move forward. 

The Bachelor airs Mondays at 8/7c on ABC. 

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