Marlena Wesh and Hunter Haag react to their Valentine’s Day eliminations on The Bachelor

Marlena Wesh
Marlena Wesh and Hunter Haag’s journey on The Bachelor came to an end. Pic credit: ABC

The Valentine’s Day episode of The Bachelor Season 26 saw Shanae Ankney finally getting sent home, but it also featured a few more women getting the boot.

Both Marlena Wesh and Hunter Haag’s journeys came to an end this week, and the two ladies wrote messages reflecting on their time on the show. 

Marlena Wesh talks ‘unimaginable’ experience on The Bachelor 

Marlena Wesh took to her Instagram stories to talk about the wild ride of being on The Bachelor. 

Marlena shared a group photo with 11 other women from The Bachelor Season 26 cast as she snuggled up with costar Gabby Windey. 

Over the photo, Marlena wrote, “Man…what a freaking ride…that’s it…that’s all I got. Lol no words for this experience. Literally unimaginable in so many ways.” 

Marlena Wesh Instagram story
Pic credit: @marlenawesh/Instagram

Taking a more humorous approach to her elimination, Marlena shared a photo of herself in the sparkling emerald gown she was eliminated in and placed the crying Michael Jordan meme over her face.

Marlena also reflected on being single for Valentine’s Day by sharing a photo of herself smiling with a red rose. Marlena captioned the post, “If you didn’t wake up to roses yesterday it’s probably because you’re single…Like me.” 

Hunter Haag gets dumped on her Birthday and Valentine’s Day 

Hunter’s elimination was a double whammy as she revealed that her elimination was filmed on her birthday, then her elimination episode aired on Valentine’s Day to add insult to injury. However, Heather, fortunately, appears to be taking it all in stride. 

Heather wrote a lengthy and vulnerable post reflecting on her journey as she shared a photo of herself holding a pink rose. 

Heather began her caption by writing, “Has anyone else been dumped in real-time on your birthday and on national television on Valentine’s Day? Bc same ?? All joking aside, WOW. I can’t even begin to tell you how grateful I am for this experience.”

As Hunter prepared to turn 30, she reflected on the need she felt to be perfect. Hunter wrote, “I am going to be 30 at the end of this year and I truly thought I had myself all figured out, while in reality, I only knew how to cover my true self so I would never show ‘weakness.’ Always happy, always positive, never allowing myself to feel pain or negativity in front of others. While there is something to be said about that, you can’t grow a relationship (romantic or not) while pretending like life is ALWAYS great.”

Hunter proceeded to detail what she learned, writing, “I learned how to be vulnerable and view it as a strength, I learned how to be confident in my own skin and own every emotion I feel, I learned how important sleep truly is ? Most importantly, I learned I had a LOT more love to give in my heart to so many of these women who are now truly some of my very best friends- they are some of the most incredible people I’ve ever met! ?” 

Now that Hunter and Marlena’s journey has ended on The Bachelor, time will tell if they return to the franchise and make an appearance on the upcoming season of Bachelor in Paradise. 

The Bachelor airs Mondays at 8/7c on ABC. 

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