Margaret Joseph’s ex-best friend Laura speaks again and calls her a ‘soulless abusive monster’

RHONJ star Margaret Josephs and her ex-best friend Laura Lee Jensen.
Margaret Josephs’ former friend blasts her online. Pic credit: @laura_lee-jensen/Instagram/Bravo

At this point, Margaret Josephs’s former best friend, Laura Lee Jensen, might as well join the show because we’ve talked about her enough this season, and we’re not done yet.

Actually, it’s Laura who’s not done yet because she has managed to set aside time in her busy schedule to bash The Real Housewives of New Jersey star at every opportunity.

In her latest rant, she called Margaret a “soulless abusive monster,” which was just the tip of the iceberg.

I can imagine Laura was at home punching the air as she watched Margaret discuss her at the reunion, and she was not there to respond.

However, that didn’t stop Laura from speaking her piece. She took to social media and blasted the 56-year-old in a lengthy series of messages.

It was a lot to filter through, but don’t worry. We did all the hard work so that you don’t have to.

Laura Lee Jenson says Margaret Josephs is an ‘abusive monster’

Laura had some harsh words for Margaret after part two of the RHONJ reunion aired, which means she’ll have even more to say after part three.

Laura took a jab at Margaret’s age, called her a “fossil,” and claimed, “Her latest lie on the reunion is that I spoke to someone and was advised to cause drama to get on the show.”

“It’s so ridiculous that it’s laughable,” she added.

Laura claimed that Margaret has changed her story several times about why their friendship ended and noted, “If I even had a doubt that she’s completely lost her mind, it’s now confirmed.”

Before ending the lengthy messages, the jilted friend added, “People are starting to see her for the narcissistic, soulless, abusive monster that she is.”

RHONJ viewers say Laura Lee Jenson desperate to be on the show

Laura might have snagged an extra follower or two, but she’s certainly not making any friends after her betrayal.

Minus Teresa Giudice and Jennifer Aydin, who befriended her to get dirt on Margaret, viewers are pretty upset with Laura’s behavior.

Her Instagram comments are riddled with backlash, as many called her desperate in her attempts to bash her former friend.

“A good person will never expose all the secrets that were told them. What you are doing to marge shows your true character. Your current friends should not trust you,” said one person.

Another commenter said, “Sweetie, your desperation is showing. #teammargaret.”

One commenter said, “Someone is really desperate to get on the show so you go to the 2 dirtiest low lives and tell them a bunch of bull. No one really knows if it’s true or not,” added someone else.

RHONJ viewers bash Laura Lee Jensen
Pic credit: @laura_lee_jensen/Instagram

“This Laura chick is desperate to get on the show. She flipped on a friend and wants to spin it to her advantage. Hope she goes away soon,” added someone else.

The Real Housewives of New Jersey airs Tuesdays at 9/8c on Bravo.

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