Mama June star Pumpkin throws shade, ‘Don’t call me Mama June’s daughter’

Pumpkin took a car selfie.
Pumpkin shades Mama June. Pic credit: @pumpkin/Instagram

Lauryn “Pumpkin” Efird is living her best life right now.

She has grown up on reality TV since her mom, Mama June Shannon has kept their family in the spotlight.

As Mama June fights her addiction on Mama June: Road to Redemption, the show heavily focuses on Pumpkin and her husband, Josh Efird, raising Alana Thompson.

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Not only have they taken Alana in, but they have also gotten legal custody of her earlier this year. That, on top of raising four kids, including newborn twins, is a lot.

TikTok has become somewhat of an outlet for Pumpkin. She and Josh recently partied with some other big creators, Bubba the boss, and his wife, Angela.

In one of the more recent videos, Pumpkin threw some serious shade at her mom.

In the video, she wrote, “B!tch I’m Pumpkin.” Followed by, “Don’t call me Mama June’s daughter.”

Will Pumpkin and Mama June reconcile?

It’s been a while since Pumpkin and Mama June have updated followers on their relationship.

Alana Thompson remains with Pumpkin and Josh Efird and will until she graduates and goes off to school or goes on to working and living her adult life.

Things didn’t end well between Pumpkin and Mama June during the last season of Mama June: Road to Redemption. June was upset about Pumpkin wanting custody, despite her agreeing to sign the paperwork while they were all in Vegas.

Mama June is married to another guy after leaving Geno Doak, despite the pleas from her daughters to remain single and focus on her sobriety. Instead, she moved down the road from Pumpkin and Josh.

Whether they can repair their relationship remains to be seen.

Will Mama June: Road to Redemption return?

As of now, there’s been no confirmation about whether Mama June: Road to Redemption will return.

There are still several issues that could be resolved, but with as much as Pumpkin posts, it is unlikely they are filming right now.

However, they could have filmed earlier this year. It was rumored that Mama June was spotted with film crews in September.

Seeing Pumpkin raise Alana Thompson and her own brood of little ones is a show several fans would be interested in seeing. After all, that’s pretty much what’s it been through the last few seasons.

Mama June Shannon may fade out of the spotlight, but it looks like Pumpkin is here to stay.

Mama June: Road to Redemption is currently on hiatus.

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