Mama June Shannon slammed for reaction to Anna ‘Chickadee’ Cardwell’s death

Mama June Shannon in a confessional
Mama June Shannon is criticized for how she’s grieving Anna Cardwell. Pic credit: WEtv

Mama June Shannon lost her eldest daughter and firstborn on Saturday, December 9.

She remained by Anna Cardwell’s side through the journey, including chemotherapy and radiation appointments.

The reality TV personality moved Anna and her two daughters into her home, and Anna received her hospice care at the home Mama June shares with her husband, Justin Stroud.

Last week, she went to social media to ask for “continued prayers” as Anna began “transitioning.” It was less than 48 hours before Mama June was back to reveal her 29-year-old daughter lost her battle.

Since then, Mama June has been updating fans and followers, including inviting them to the service on December 13.

But all of her updates have caused some criticism over how Mama June is handling Anna’s death.

Mama June Shannon slammed over how she is grieving Anna Cardwell

Mama June Shannon is grieving but not in the way some followers think she should be.

Under one of her videos about Anna Cardwell’s passing, critics took the opportunity to knock Mama June while she was down.

One wrote, “My god, I feel sympathy for y’all but get off social media and live on the rest of your family who also lost someone. You need to grieve now”

Another said, “I never seen a mother so happy when there child has pass that so wrong”

And one more added, “You destroyed her”

Critics slamming Mama June's way of grieving
Critics slam Mama June’s way of grieving Anna. Pic credit: @mamajune/Instagram

Anna Cardwell wanted her journey to be public

Mama June Shannon is likely following Anna Cardwell’s final wishes for her funeral and other aspects of her life, including social media.

Anna was active on TikTok throughout her battle with stage 4 cancer, so it only makes sense she wanted the news of her passing and services to be put out in public, too.

It was also confirmed that Anna had filmed her journey for Mama June Shannon’s WEtv show. She even agreed to have production in the room when she passed and include her service. However, production declined, saying those should be intimate moments for the family. They reportedly left Mama June’s house shortly before Anna took her final breath.

The next several weeks will be spent getting used to the new normal for the family, as the last couple of weeks have consisted of being around Anna and making the most of their time with her.

Mama June: Road to Redemption is currently on hiatus.

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7 months ago

I feel everyone deals with things in life there own way! Everyone should shut up and go on with there own lives. Someone special told it’s best to keep your nose on your face where it belongs! Stop kicking people when there down. How someone deals with death or whatever it may be let them deal! It’s no one’s judgement to decide except hers alone!