Mama June claims she’s been sober for 2 years just days after boyfriend’s arrest

Mama June says she is two years sober
Mama June says she is two years sober. Pic credit: WE tv

Just days after Mama June Shannon’s boyfriend was arrested, she took to TikTok to let fans know how blessed she is.

The police arrested Justin Stroud on Thursday night at a gas station as Mama June looked on. The two had just attended an upscale party and police apprehended Stroud right after they left the party.

However, while Mama June said it was a tough week, she still feels she is blessed.

Mama June talks sobriety and blessings on TikTok

Mama June took to TikTok on Sunday and she seemed happy as she walked around a house.

According to the reality TV star, the house she was in was worth “half a million dollars … if not even more.” She then said that it belonged to friends of hers and that they trusted her in the house by herself while the owners went on vacation.

To June, this was a huge deal because it meant they trusted her, which was something that was hard for a lot of people after her years of substance abuse.

“Pool outside, hot tub, I’m blessed,” June said as she walked around the house. “I’ve had a rough couple of weeks and this past week has been ****, but hey, I’m clean for over two straight years.”

She went on to mention how her sobriety journey helped the homeowners to trust her to live in their house while they were on vacation, proving that Mama June was finally trustworthy again.

“In my addition, no one would ever let me stay in a house like this, as beautiful as this, and say, ‘hey, I trust you and not to use drugs,'” she explained.

She then went on to say that being in recovery means that things do pay off and doing the right thing leads to these great blessings.

“I’m blessed today,” she repeated. “Staying in a home that friends are helping me in this hard time. I’m very grateful for that.”

She captioned the video, “just a thought for the day god is good.”


just a thought for the day god is good

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Mama June’s sobriety journey

Mama June’s sobriety really got a lot of attention on the last season of Mama June: From Not to Hot, which relabeled itself for that season as Mama June: Road to Redemption.

This led to her appearance with her daughter, Alana, on The Masked Singer last season.

At the time, June told the panelists after she and Alana unmasked that she had been clean for almost two years at that time.

“I realized the last time we were out there together doing a huge project, which was Dancing with the Stars, I was in my addiction,” June said. “But during The Masked Singer, I had been clean for over a year and a half.”

Mama June: From Not to Hot is on hiatus, although Mama June has said it should return to WE tv in 2022.

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