Malia White won’t return to Below Deck Med as bosun, weighs in on Raygan Tyler and Captain Sandy drama

Malia White weighs in on Raygan Tyler on Below Deck Mediterranean.
Malia spills some Below Deck Med tea. Pic credit: Bravo

Malia White won’t return to Below Deck Mediterranean as bosun, squashing those fan theories that she will replace Raygan Tyler when Captain Sandy Yawn fires her.

As Season 7 of Below Deck Med plays out, Malia has been watching alongside the rest of us.

The three-time Below Deck Mediterranean star has watched her good friends Mzi “Zee” Dempers, and Captain Sandy navigate tough times with Raygan. Less than a handful of episodes have aired, but Raygan has undoubtedly brought the drama.

Those who have early access to Below Deck Med Season 7 Episode 5 know how things play out with Raygan.

Now, as things heat up, Malia has shared her thoughts on the drama between Captain Sandy and the bosun and spilled her own Below Deck tea.

The Total Ship Show podcast host also weighs in on the captain hitting a dolphin, which is featured in the trailer. However, it’s also featured in Season 7, Episode 4, so for those who have yet to see it, please note there are spoilers ahead.

Malia White won’t return to Below Deck Med as bosun

In a recent Instagram Stories Q&A session, Malia had no problem taking some Below Deck questions. The former Bravo personality was brutally honest with her responses too.

One fan wanted to know if she would be back on Below Deck again. Malia’s response was ‘Not as a bosun.”

That puts to rest questions of whether Malia will replace Raygan on Below Deck Mediterranean Season 7.

When asked if Captain Malia would be on a season of the hit-yachting franchise, Malia gave googly eyes.

Will Malia White return to Below Deck Med?
Pic credit: @maliakpwhite/Instagram

Malia was asked about the yacht crash a couple of times, to which she responded confidently.

The first one wasn’t really a question but more of a remark that Malia had to be happy she wasn’t on the show when the crash happened.

“Would it have happened though….?!” she wrote.

Another question asked if Malia could have guided Captain Sandy. The yachtie replied, “Have you seen Seasons 5&6?

Malia response to Below Deck Med yacht crash.
Pic credit: @maliakpwhite/Instagram

Below Deck Med’s Malia White weighs in on Raygan Tyler and Captain Sandy drama

The Home yacht hit the dolphin in Below Deck Mediterranean Season 7 Episode 4. It was due to Raygan calling the distance incorrectly. Deckhand Jason Gaskell had to correct her, but it was too late, and the luxury yacht crashed.

Malia addressed the incident in her IG Stories Q&A session. One user couldn’t help but ask Malia’s thoughts on how mad Captain Sandy was at that moment.

“On a scale from 1 – ‘David got an injury and I didn’t tell her…. Probably pretty mad.” Malia stated.

The Below Deck Med alum also shed light on what could have been done differently. She wasn’t there, so Malia simply offered suggestions like using lines that help “pull the dolpin which would make the gap wider.”

One user did ask who would be at fault in that situation. Malia shared it was not a difficult scenario. The lack of communication was the issue.

“The difficulty between Captain Sandy & the Bosun is their communication. It’s a new team for Sandy & she is relying heavily on her teams skills and vice versa,” Malia said.

Malia White talks Captain Sandy and bosun Raygan's issues.
Pic credit: @maliakpwhite/Instagram

Malia White won’t be back as bosun on Below Deck Mediterranean, and she’s also Team Captain Sandy Yawn in the drama with bosun Raygan White.

Although it’s not a surprise that Malia has sided with the captain, in the case of Raygan, she’s not wrong. Below Deck Med fans agree Raygan is the worst bosun.

Below Deck Mediterranean airs Mondays at 8/7c on Bravo with early access on Peacock.

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Marsha Kuykendall
Marsha Kuykendall
1 year ago

Seems like all she wanted to do was eat and smoke!!

1 year ago

she had a nice ass

Eric Holbrook
Eric Holbrook
1 year ago

I was impressed by what you did on the episodes of Below Decks that I watched. I am a retired Mariner, 24 years Navy and another 14 as a Captain in the oilfields in the Gulf of Mexico. My time was obviously not on “White Boats”, nevertheless it was about 38 years at sea. I would have you as my Bosun no question. I’d have to meet you before I would take you as First Officer. From what I’ve seen, I am not impressed by “Ragan”, I’d have fired her after day one. Good luck with your career and I look forward to the day when you are driving as a 1600 ton Master.