MAFS viewers react to ‘Noodlegate’ and Noi’s shady social media post

Steve and Noi
Steve and Noi hit a rough patch in their relationship. Pic credit: Lifetime

Steve and Noi have been one of the more drama-free couples from Married at First Sight Season 14, however, that recently changed in the latest episode. 

Hitting a bump in their marriage, Steve and Noi butted heads over noodles in an argument that viewers have deemed “Noodlegate.”

The seemingly small issue, that spiraled into a bigger disconnect for the couple, has Married at First Sight viewers offering up their thoughts as they reacted to both Steve and Noi’s argument and Noi’s passive-aggressive social media activity.

Married at First Sight viewers weigh in on Noodlegate 

Noi and Steve’s argument over noodles produced a range of responses from viewers with some finding the fight humorous while others found it confusing and petty. 

A MAFS viewer amusedly summed up the fight writing, “Ahahaha Noodlegate time!!! Noi offered to cook dinner, cooked her gluten free noodles and didn’t boil Stubborn Steve No Jobs’ then she let them get over cooked.”

One MAFS viewer wrote, “Me following NOODLEGATE right now confused as hell.” 

Another MAFS fan tweeted,  “Not [Steve] and Noi fighting over noodles…” adding the hashtag #noodlegate. 

Some MAFS viewers found Noi’s response to be a major overreaction with one Twitter user writing, “Wow Noi that’s an intense reaction for…ummm what again??”

Another MAFS critic wrote, “Over sensitive much? Childish and passive aggressive. #Noodlegate #MarriedatFirstSight.”

Noi receives criticism after firing shots at Steve 

After Steve and Noi’s argument, Noi appeared to escalate the situation when she abruptly left their home and gave Steve the silent treatment for hours. 

Noi also took an indirect jab at Steve in a social media post that led many MAFS viewers to criticize her behavior and question her readiness for marriage. 

One MAFS critic shared Noi’s social media post and the text in Noi’s post read, “Learning to say ‘nah this just isn’t good enough’ will enhance your life greatly. You’re allowed to say ‘this is simply not enough for me.’ You’re allowed to have a vision for yourself, your life, your relationships- and refuse to settle for anything less. Say ‘NO’ often.” 

The critic reacted to Noi’s post, writing, “Noi wrote this novel all over some pasta noodles..Chileeeee Marriage ain’t for the faint of heart! Let alone parenthood! And Noi wants 3 kids, You ain’t ready booboo.” 

Another MAFS viewer found Noi’s post to be immature, writing, “Noi running to social media to post this about the petty fight is childish.” 

Many MAFS viewers praised Steve for how he handled the situation with one MAFS viewer sharing they were on Steve’s side as they suggested Noi was behaving like a brat. 

It remains to be seen if the overcooked noodles and petty social media activity will mark the beginning of the end for Steve and Noi or if they’ll eventually resolve their issues. 

Married at First Sight airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on Lifetime. 

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