Here are the couples that will star on Married at First Sight Season 14

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Married at First Sight Season 14 introduces five new couples to the franchise. Pic credit: Lifetime

As Married at First Sight Season 13 comes to a close, Lifetime has already released exciting information about the next season of the series.

Married at First Sight Season 14 will take place in Boston and images have now been released that reveal the five couples who will marry a stranger on the show.

Meet the couples whose unique marriage journey will be documented when Married at First Sight returns for its 14th season in 2022.

Meet Jasmina and Michael

Jasmina is 29 years old and works as a teacher due to her love for children according to People magazine.

One of Jasmina’s reasons for signing up for Married at First Sight is that she is eager to settle down, especially after she and her family experienced infidelity in their relationships. Jasmina feels she has healed from her past trauma and thus is ready for the experts to find her perfect match and hopefully a faithful, lasting relationship.

Meanwhile, Michael is a 28-year-old who signed up for MAFS thanks to his sister, who reportedly had a meaningful conversation with him that motivated him to take this bold risk. Similar to Ryan and Johnny on MAFS Season 13, Michael has been very active on dating apps without much success, but he now is excited to put the apps aside and have a wife and family.

Meet Lindsey and Mark

The second couple in MAFS Lifetime’s Instagram post is Lindsey and Mark. Lindsey is a 34-year-old who is sure of herself and in search of a long-lasting love like her grandparents’ 70-year-long marriage.

Lindsey appears to have faith in the MAFS process as well as the experts, and she also has faith in herself and what she has to offer in a relationship.

Mark is a 37-year-old who is also well-versed in dating apps but he hasn’t yet found a woman who is as ready to be a wife as he is ready to be a husband. Interestingly, when MAFS Season 6 came to Boston, Mark applied to be on the show and now years later he is finally getting his chance.

Meet Noi and Steve

The third couple in the Instagram post is Noi and Steve.

Noi is a woman who has been disappointed and let down in past relationships and she’s hoping MAFS can change all that and that the experts will match her with someone that is the best fit for her. Noi has a reputation of not holding back with her love and is considered to fall in love easily.

Steve is 38 years old and he won’t be the first to have an arranged marriage in his family. Steve’s grandparents had an arranged marriage and their relationship has lasted for 60 years. Steve also wants a love like his grandparents and hopes to enjoy a loving and joyous relationship like the ones he’s witnessed within his family.

Meet Katina and Olajuwon

The fourth couple featured in the Instagram post is Katina and Olajuwon.

Katina is a 29-year-old woman who has been wanting to be a wife and mother and grow old with someone for a long time. She’s hoping MAFS will help her achieve that dream, and now that she’s embarked on a two-year self-love journey, she’s ready to commit to this process and love her brand new husband.

Olajuwon is also 29 years old and, interestingly, he attended school with former Boston cast member, Jephte Pierre. In fact, Jephte raved about MAFS to Olajuwon during homecoming which motivated Olajuwon to sign up for the unique marriage experiment.

While Olajuwon is now ready for a wife to build a life and a family with, he does openly admit that he used to be a ‘playboy’ in his past. Hopefully, Olajuwon will have a marriage that lasts, similar to his high school peer Jephte and his MAFS wife Shawniece, who have an adorable daughter together.

Meet Alyssa and Chris

The final couple in the post is Alyssa and Chris.

Alyssa is 30 years old and loves animals so much that she recuses them all across the world. Alyssa is now ready to finally carve out some time for romance in between saving animals and she’s choosing to open her heart up again after it was broken in her most recent relationship.

Chris is 35 years old and no stranger to relationships. He’s reportedly been in serious, back-to-back relationships since high school. However, the love always tends to fizzle after the honeymoon period.

These five couples are certainly in for a rollercoaster ride when MAFS returns. What are your first impressions of the MAFS Season 14 couples?

Married at First Sight premieres Wednesday, January 5th, at 8/7c on Lifetime.

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2 years ago

Alyssa is the MOST selfish, rude, petty, spoiled brat I have ever seen in my life!! I feel sorry for ANY man she traps in her web in yhe future!! Ugh, disgusting!!