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MAFS viewers question if the Paige, Chris and Mercedes storyline is even real after latest episode

With the two women holding back smiles, MAFS viewers question the storyline between Paige, Chris, and his ex-fiancée Mercedes. Pic credit: Lifetime

With drama so steamy on Married at First Sight, viewers aren’t convinced it’s even real.

This season, the ups and downs in the match of Chris Williams and Paige Banks have overshadowed the true meaning of the experiment – finding a life partner.

The ex-fiancee meets the new wife

Getting married to a stranger is always a risk, but it’s clear Chris is giving Paige way more to deal with than she signed up for. In fact, some are calling Paige’s new husband, the worst casting call in MAFS history.

What started out as an attraction problem, ended with the bombshell of a pregnant ex-fiancee.

While Chris might’ve expected a catfight when he brought the two women in his life together, that’s definitely not what happened. Even though it was his idea to ‘clear the air’, he sat back while the women led the conversation.

Although Chris had told Pastor Cal he wanted to be with the mother of this child, Paige was very shocked to hear Mercedes say, “I know Chris has alluded to the fact that we may be trying to work things out, and I wanted to let – make it very clear, me and him working it out – that’s not my intentions right now at all.”

Fans cheered Paige on as she finally told Chris, “For me, this relationship no longer serves me.”

It’s clear Chris was upset by the end of the discussion, as he did what he usually does when flustered – he left.

After the fact, Chris told producers, “So this conversation is not accomplishing anything that I intended for it to accomplish. ‘Cause Paige has her guns out, and she’s firing shots, insinuating that her intentions were pure, my intentions were impure.”

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“He has nothing to say,” Paige said in a confessional. “He is probably embarrassed. I would be upset, too, if the woman that I’m supposed to run back to said – denies me on national television.”

Fans aren’t convinced the pregnant ex-fiancee storyline is real

While the meeting between the two women ended with Chris’s irritation, the conversation might’ve gone too well.

Paige and Mercedes both kept it polite, exchanging compliments while mutually putting Chris in his place. However, this only led viewers to question the authenticity of the situation.

What should’ve been a heated topic, fans felt like the two women might’ve been holding back laughter.

While Mercedes told Paige that she had no intentions of getting back with Chris, there is a rumor going around that they were recently spotted in Mexico together.

Do you think this situation was real or simply a created storyline?

Married at First Sight airs on Wednesdays at 8/7c on Lifetime.

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  1. I don’t think it’s a fake storyline. Chris has been, from the start, a trifling, incredibly egomaniacal playa who thinks he’s all that AND 5 thousand bags of chips and he continues to prove what a self-centered yutz he is. No one could think higher of themselves than he does of himself.


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