MAFS viewers accuse Decison Day results of being ‘fake’ Dr. Viviana responds

Dr. Viviana
The Married at First Sight Season 14 finale raises suspicion. Pic credit: Lifetime

Almost every season of Married at First Sight has featured couples who want to get a divorce on Decision Day. 

However, Married at First Sight Season 14 was different, with all four remaining couples deciding to stay married. 

Fans were suspicious of all the couples saying yes, especially after the pairs exhibited dysfunction and blatant issues. 

Critics found the D-Day outcome to appear fake and even speculated that the couples and experts were paid bonuses based on saying yes. Dr. Viviana caught wind of the accusations and shared her reaction. 

MAFS fans question Decision Day results 

MAFS viewers took to Twitter to air out their suspicions regarding the sincerity of all four couples agreeing to stay married. 

One viewer expressed feeling that this “Episode was fake as hell. You can not convince me they didn’t pay all of them extra to say yes so this season didn’t look like a complete failure.” 

Another tweeted, “Decision Day feeling staged AF at this point. Because… No.”

Tweet about Decision Day
Pic credit: @@Jessica_Tribble/Twitter

MAFS fans felt adamant that money had to be involved in the couples saying yes, with one viewer tweeting, “What kind of retention bonuses did the producers pay these couples to say ‘Yes’?????” 

And another added, “There has to be money involved, it’s the only logical explanation.” 

A MAFS fan believed the experts might have benefitted from Decision Day as well and tweeted, “The experts getting a bonus this season.”

Pic credit: @DoseofDye/Twitter

Dr. Viviana calls MAFS fans ‘funny’ for thinking Decision Day was fake 

One MAFS viewer became convinced that bonuses were issued out after so many others commented on it, and they tweeted, “Now that y’all are saying it, I believe it lol. There was probably definitely a ‘say yes’ bonus lol.”

Dr. Viviana reacted to the tweet, saying, “Wow, now a yes is fake? Lol y’all are so funny.”

The initial tweeter doubled down on their take while explaining why it’s valid to question the Decision Day results, writing, “2 couples are mentally and emotionally abusive and one spouse does not like their partner at all. We’re not being funny, we’re confused. Either the editing is wildly erroneous or it’s fake. Hell y’all even look shocked!”

Another agreed and replied to Dr. Viviana, “Yes fake! Girl these people needed therapy not marriage, and you know it!”

Tweet about Decision Day
Pic credit: @ErinSoTasty/Twitter

While everyone said yes on Decision Day, some are still hoping that the couples will divorce.

A viewer tweeted, “No matter tonight’s outcome, I sincerely hope and pray that everyone is divorced at the reunion.”

Tweet about Decision Day
Pic credit: @KEYWORD/Twitter

Who do you predict will still be married by the time of the Married at First Sight Season 14 reunion? 

Married at First Sight airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on Lifetime. 

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Stacy Scotte
Stacy Scotte
1 year ago

I don’t doubt any of them stay married, They put on a good show for decision day