Dr. Viviana defends the week-long prolonging of MAFS Season 14 finale

Dr. Viviana
Dr. Viviana responds to fans’ and critics’ inquiries. Pic credit: Lifetime

Married at First Sight Season 14 is nearing the end, with only one episode left before the anticipated reunion.

While fans’ are ready to finally know the results of the Boston couples’ Decision Day, there’s a week break with an alumni special airing this Wednesday.

Many Married at First Sight fans aren’t thrilled with the finale delay, but expert Dr. Viviana defended the show’s decision.

Dr. Viviana supports the MAFS alumni special

Married at First Sight aired its penultimate episode last week, but the finale won’t be airing this week. 

Instead, the Decision Day Dish: Boston Special will take place this Wednesday, where popular MAFS stars will return to offer their thoughts on the Boston couples and predict who will and won’t stay married. Some of the alumni set to return include Gil Cuero (MAFS Season 13), Page Banks (MAFS Season 12), and Meka Jones (MAFS Season 10). 

News of the finale’s delay has upset viewers that are ready for answers and don’t quite see the point of the alumni special.

One social media user brought their frustration to Dr. Viviana on her Instagram stories. 

Dr. Viviana allowed her fans and followers to ask her questions while on a flight, and one critic wrote, “Why is it taking so long to get to decision day???? We don’t need this alumni episode.” 

Dr. Viviana responded by giving the special her approval and seemingly welcoming the idea of “more” Married at First Sight content. 

The MAFS sex expert wrote, “You may not need it. But I know I want it.”  

Dr. Viviana's Instagram story
Pic credit: @doctorviviana/Instagram

Dr. Viviana answers question about the best couple she’s worked with 

Along with questions about the MAFS Season 14 finale, Dr. Viviana was also asked about the couples and castmates she’s most fond of.

A MAFS fan inquired, “Which couple or person has been the best to work with?” 

Dr. Viviana offered a safe answer as she wrote, “After so many seasons there are too many great options to just pick 1.” 

Dr. Viviana's Instagram story
Pic credit: @doctorviviana/Instagram

While Dr. Viviana hesitated to name names, she has been blunt in her assessment of certain MAFS Season 14 stars. 

Dr. Viviana admitted that Alyssa Ellman appeared to disrespect the MAFS process by refusing to give her husband, Chris Collette, a chance. 

Dr. Viviana also was clear about feeling Olajuwon Dickerson needed a reality check regarding his dated expectations of what marriage and a wife should be. 

Tune in next Wednesday to see if Dr. Viviana and her fellow experts succeeded in matching couples that want to stay married on Decision Day. 

Married at First Sight airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on Lifetime.