Dr. Viviana admits Alyssa Ellman is disrespecting the Married at First Sight process, defends the experts

Dr. Viviana
Dr. Viviana reacts to the latest episode of Married at First Sight. Pic credit: Lifetime

Dr. Viviana live-tweeted during the latest episode of Married at First Sight and reacted to Alyssa Ellman’s poor behavior during the honeymoon. 

MAFS viewers pressed Dr. Viviana to explain how she and the other experts could have possibly thought Alyssa was ready for marriage and also question why Alyssa hasn’t been kicked off the show after so clearly being uncommitted to the process. 

Dr. Viviana offered up her thoughts on those questions and was met with mixed reviews. 

Dr. Viviana says experts are ‘aware of everything that is happening’ 

On the latest episode of Married at First Sight, Alyssa revealed that she would not feel comfortable moving into an apartment with Chris Collette after the honeymoon and that she felt entitled to living in the apartment on her own so that she could still enjoy the “experience” and hang with her “girls” from the show. 

Alyssa’s outlandish requests led many MAFS viewers to turn to Dr. Viviana and ask why Alyssa wasn’t immediately sent home on the honeymoon. 

Dr. Viviana tweeted her response writing, “In response to your many tweets saying that Alyssa should be ‘kicked off’ or ‘sent home.’ I’d like to see any of you legally force someone to get on a plane and/or separate you from your legal spouse against your wishes.” 

Dr. Viviana also came to the defense of the experts in her tweet that read, “Did y’all hear Pastor Cal? Yes, we are aware of everything that is happening and we are following their marriage closely.” 

Dr. Viviana tweet
Pic credit: @DoctorViviana/Twitter

Dr. Viviana dishes on Alyssa Ellman’s intentions 

Speaking on Alyssa’s intentions, Dr. Viviana expressed a belief that Alyssa had signed up for the experiment with good intentions but did eventually admit that Alyssa has disrespected the MAFS process. 

Dr. Viviana tweeted, “I believe Alyssa went into this with all the good intentions and I THINK, like so many others, she thought ‘Well if it doesn’t work out with us, at least I can meet amazing women and we will join the ranks of all the other #mafsbrides who came before us and make the best of it.’”

Dr. Viviana’s tweet continued, “I actually think that is not the worst way to look at this process. BUT because at this point she is refusing to communicate with her husband, she is refusing to be respectful to him, and she is disrespecting the process that produced many loving families.”

Dr. Viviana tweets
Pic credit: @DoctorViviana/Twitter

Do you agree with Dr. Viviana’s assessment of the situation with Alyssa and Chris?

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