MAFS: Viewer thinks Johnny should have been on Unmatcheable and not MAFS, did the experts fail Bao?

MAFS Johnny Lam on Unfiltered.
MAFS Johnny has some quirks. Pic credit: Lifetime

Married at First Sight Season 13’s Johnny Lam has been receiving a lot of heat from fans, following the last few fight-filled episodes. While Johnny admitted he might not have been ready for marriage with Bao, fans felt he wasn’t ready for marriage with anybody and should have ended up on the show’s sister special, Unmatchable.

Was Johnny ready for marriage?

Was Johnny actually ready for marriage? Fans say no.

Johnny definitely has some quirks; between his obsessive need for clean, his hot and cold affections, and his low blow bombshells, it has so far proved to be too much for Bao to keep up with. But should Bao even be having to keep up with it?

One fan feels Johnny should not have even made it through the Married at First Sight front door and in fact, should have been detoured by the experts for MAFS spinoff Unmatchable. Unmatchable is the show that takes individuals that aren’t quite ready for marriage and tweaks them into marriage contenders.

The show works with individuals with a wide array of problems, many of which are not so unlike the ones Johnny is displaying in the current season of MAFS.

In fact, one fan thinks that is where Johnny should have ended up, from day one.

The fan even feels the experts let Bao down, by letting Johnny on the show in the first place.

MAFS fan says Johnny should have ended up on Unmatchable
MAFS fan says Johnny should have ended up on Unmatchable. Pic credit: @tontonlove/Twitter

Fans fire at Johnny

Fans firing at Johnny over social media is nothing new. In fact, the past few weeks have brought a virtual onslaught of criticism for the MAFS hubby. Fans have called Johnny “one of the worst husbands in MAFS history” and said his treatment of Bao is toxic.

Johnny admitted on his honeymoon with Bao, to being a “serial dater” and revealed he had been on over 100 first dates. He told Bao that if he found out something he didn’t like about someone, he would just move on, as there was a dating app full of new prospects.

After Johnny revealed this information to Bao, she began to wonder if he was in fact ready for the MAFS process. After the couple returned from their honeymoon and the fighting continued, Johnny himself admitted he might not have been ready for marriage. Fans felt his serial dating ways was a red flag, and proof he was not ready for the Married At First Sight process.

So if fans felt he wasn’t ready, Bao felt he wasn’t ready, and Johnny himself thought he might not have been ready, what made the matchmakers feel like he was?

But, as we have seen in previous seasons, it’s not over until it’s over, and even the most unlikely of MAFS contestants can turn it all around before Decision Day, so here’s hoping Johnny can step out of his own way and commit to his marriage to Bao.

Married at First Sight airs on Wednesdays at 8/7c on Lifetime.

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