MAFS stars Clara Fergus and Haley Harris might be planning a future move to LA

MAFS Clara Fergus beams at the camera in her wedding dress
MAFS Clara Fergus glows in her wedding dress Pic credit: Lifetime

It has been a rough month for Married At First Sight Season 12’s Clara Fergus, so the news that she and fellow costar, Haley Harris, are contemplating an LA move sounds like things could be starting to look up for Miss Fergus.

Clara posted a story to her Instagram this week of her and former MAFS costar, Haley Harris, in response to a fan’s question of if Clara didn’t live in Atlanta, where else she would live.

Clara and Haley might be making big moves

Clara replied by posting the picture along with a response saying that there had been talks between her and Haley of a possible Los Angeles relocation.

However, Clara went on to say that the move probably wouldn’t happen anytime too soon.

Clara and her former husband, Ryan Oubre, just announced their plans for divorce this month, taking the fans and experts by surprise to say the least.

As the couple filed in Georgia, where they were married on the show, they will not be officially divorced for 30 days, so the move will at least have to wait until then.

Clara posing in a selfie with Haley Harris
Pic credit: @claraoubre/Instagram

Clara and Ryan’s recent divorce was a shock to fans, as the couple had seemed rock solid throughout the season and beyond. Not that the couple didn’t have their disagreements of course, but it seemed that by the Reunion Special, all fears had been alleviated as the couple announced they had consummated their marriage and Ryan told Clara “I love you” during the special.

So it took fans and experts alike completely off guard, when right on the heels of their costars Virginia Coombs and Erik Lake announcing their divorce, Ryan and Clara announced their own.

Fans were even more surprised, as the couple had been planning a New Years Eve vow renewal ceremony, and Clara had even been making some of the decorations for it by hand. Clara and Ryan even toured wedding venues and made guest lists and plans.

Los Angeles here they come!

Regardless, it seems like Clara is getting on with her life, and a move with a fellow MAFS alum to the City of Angels might be just the ticket to bring some sunshine back into Clara’s life.

And who better to move with then someone who understands exactly how it feels to get divorced while in the public eye, her costar Haley Harris?

Costars then roommates

Haley also went through a very difficult time with her then-husband, Jacob Harder, throughout the filming of the show, and the couple ultimately called it quits on Decision Day. Although the couple met up following their divorce, a friendship did not seem to be in the cards for the two of them, so a cross country move might be exactly what Haley is looking for right now.

The two recently single ladies are moving on with their lives, and what better way than a move to a new city with a new zip code, one with no ex- husbands in it. We say, you go girls!

Married at First Sight airs on Wednesdays at 8/7c on Lifetime.

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