MAFS star Rachel Gordillo responds to claim ex-husband Jose seemed ‘abusive’: ‘He hid it pretty well’

Former MAFS couple Rachel Gordillo and Jose San Miguel jr. screenshot
Rachel Gordillo responds to startling claims against Jose San Miguel Jr. Pic credit: Lifetime

Rachel Gordillo is spilling the tea on her rocky marriage to Jose San Miguel Jr., and she recently responded to a troubling observation about him.

A commenter claimed that Jose seemed “abusive” on the show, and Rachel had an interesting response, saying, “he hid it well.”

It was a rollercoaster journey for the Married at First Sight Season 13 couple, who instantly hit things off after getting married.

It was smooth sailing for a little while, but once the couple moved in together, we noticed major cracks in their relationship.

Viewers found red flags in Jose’s behavior, especially after an explosive argument where he locked his wife out of their apartment. Rachel had to seek refuge with another couple and briefly broke up with Jose but chose to forgive him, although viewers urged her to run.

They had several other roadblocks throughout the season, and fans of the show were shocked when they chose to stay married. When the reunion rolled around, we learned the duo had broken up and reconciled.

In December of 2021, the couple released a joint statement announcing their decision to get divorced.

Was Jose San Miguel abusive towards Rachel Gordillo?

Rachel has been opening up about her MAFS experience on TikTok, and recently, she asked her followers to send in their questions.

She responded to a query about the length of her marriage to Jose, but it was another question in the comment section that caught our attention.

“Do you think the show captured who he truly was? I feel like they glossed over how abusive he came off,” wrote a TikToker.

“He hid it pretty well on and off camera until he just couldn’t anymore,” responded Rachel. “He was great with other cast members and the crew so it was hard to tell.”

Rachel Gordillo TikTok comment
The fan comments and Rachel responds. Pic credit: @rachintheh/TikTok

Rachel didn’t go into details about her claims, so it’s unclear if the abuse she alluded to was mental, physical, or both.

MAFS couple Rachel and Jose were married for eight months before divorcing

Meanwhile, Rachel also responded to the original question about how long she and Jose stayed together after the show aired.

The MAFS star noted that after several breakups and makeups — one that took place on the show, plus two more times after that — her therapist told her to end that cycle and either stay together or split for good.

“We were together three more months, and then we finally broke up, for good” she shared. “So we were together a total of eight months, and we definitely do not keep in touch!”

Married at First Sight airs on Wednesdays at 8/7c on Lifetime.

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