MAFS Star-Crossed: Myrla and Gil are an unlikely pair even in the astros

MAFS Myrla and Gil look upset.
MAFS Myrla and Gil are star-crossed. Pic credit: Lifetime

They surprised us all. The underdog couple of Season 13 that came up from the bottom of the Most Likely to Succeed list to be the only couple that has done consistently well all season. Myrla Feria and Gil Cuero had a lot of differences to overcome, not the least of which, is a not very compatible Zodiac pairing.

Myrla the Gemini

Myrla is a Gemini, the sign of the twins. The twins can be indecisive, picky, interested in something or someone one minute, then just as quickly changing their minds and finding fault the next. Sound like anyone we know?

Gemini is also an air sign, meaning they can be less interested in the physical; air represents intellect, being in the sky and in one’s own headspace. So it’s no surprise Myrla took it nice and slow with the physical intimacy piece with Gil, waiting instead until she got to know more about him. It would be hard for an air sign to lead with their passions, they are much more likely to want an intellectual connection with someone before jumping right into bed.

Gemini also likes change and excitement, which explains Myrla’s love of travel. They enjoy seeking out new adventures, places, and ideas and are not particularly ones to stay in one place for long. The air signs love movement and Gemini’s especially can be found following their ever-changing interests, all over the place.

Gil’s Taurean method: slow and steady, wins the race

It is clear that Gil’s patience has won the day with both fans and with Myrla. That is one of the beautiful things about the sign of the bull, it can be very patient, plodding along with unparalleled dedication towards a goal. That stubborn streak can be put to good use when working towards something they want, and we see that playing out in Myrla and Gil’s relationship as Gil’s persistence and patience have won Myrla over.

When we think of a Taurus, Gil would be the poster child in many ways. He is very grounded (they are an Earth sign after all), very patient, and very home-based. Gil has shown patience and calm with Myrla in situations where many would not have. He is also able to calmly communicate when there is a problem and Myrla, an air sign who is not big on confrontations, responds very well to that.

An air sign does well addressing a problem then quickly moving on, which the couple has done very well learning how to work within. When there is a problem raised by Gil, Myrla responds with “Received,” meaning that she gets the memo, will work on the behavior and the couple can move on. As an air sign that’s a perfect response; simple, easy, to the point, and most importantly over quickly. Although Gemini is ruled by the planet Mercury, the sign of communication. So of all the air signs, Gemini is the best at communicating. What they communicate though can get a little tricky as they are not always as tuned into their emotions and can change their minds very easily.

It is interesting however that Gil does not share one Taurean quality which, in his relationship with Myrla, might have worked in his favor. Taurus is ruled by Venus, the sign of luxury, of possessions, Earthly belongings. Gil does not particularly share in that mindset and is more interested in the home as a concept as opposed to a physical place filled with belongings.

But that same ruler Venus is the planet of love and romance. Which Gil obviously has in spades.

Yet somehow, they work

Against all the odds, and even against the stars, Myrla and Gil somehow are making it work. Not even just making it work, doing great, especially for a couple that fans were questioning why they were matched in the first place.

For us, it comes down to one thing — Gil’s Taurean patience and persistence have leveled out Myrla’s Gemini air sign tendencies. We think it’s not going to come down to so much of a question of if Gil can win Myrla over, but if he wants to. It will be a lifelong journey as the two signs, and seemingly people, are generally not compatible. Gil will consistently need patience that he may have plenty of while the relationship is new but may grow tired of dispensing over a lifetime.

There is also the danger of Myrla doing what Gemini’s do best; changing their minds. Many Gemini’s can “flip” on relationships. Meaning one second they are head over heels and then inexplicably change their minds. And once a Gemini flips there is no going back. It can come across looking as easy as them tossing out last season’s Manolo’s. It’s not that they don’t care, but it can come across that way as air signs are not usually ones to wear their heart on their sleeves.

Gemini’s like change and excitement, so they are prone to follow that excitement wherever the wind blows it and sometimes that can be right out of a relationship.

So at the end of the day will these two be able to overcome all their obstacles, Zodiac included, to make it to Decision Day and beyond? While it may be written somewhere in the stars, it looks like we will just have to settle for watching it play out one episode at a time.

Married at First Sight airs on Wednesdays at 8/7c on Lifetime.

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