MAFS star Clara Berghaus puts troll on blast for rude comment about her appearance

MAFS star Clara Berghaus screenshot
Clara Berghaus puts a MAFS critic on blast. Pic credit: Lifetime

Married at First Sight fans are known for being vocal about their feelings but sometimes they take things too far.

Recently there has been a slew of new viewers now that Seasons 1-15 have become available on Netflix.

The MAFS alums have been bracing themselves for even more backlash and some of the cast members have already had to clap back at a troll or two.

Now it’s Clara Berghaus’s turn and she recently put a critic on blast for sending her a nasty comment about her appearance.

The Season 12 star shared a screenshot of her exchange with the social media user who jumped in her comments.

Clara took the nasty comment in stride after the commenter mocked the size of her chin and compared her to comedian Jay Leno.

MAFS star Clara Berghaus puts a troll on blast

The MAFS alum took a screenshot of the nasty message that someone wrote under a sweet photo of her and her boyfriend Max.

The Instagram post was shared on Clara’s Instagram in January, but it seems the critic just discovered Clara’s page.

The comment which has since been deleted, read, “Are you related to Jay Leno? You have matching chins.”

“Haven’t gotten a chin comment in far too long,” responded Clara, who tagged the troll in her response. “s/o to @emptynest17 for the much needed giggle tonight.”

Clara Berghaus Instagram Story
Clara Berghaus shares a Instagram DM. Pic credit: @claraberghaus/Instagram

Clara Berghaus is now living in Canada with her boyfriend

Clara has moved on from her failed marriage to Ryan Oubre and has been in a serious relationship with her boyfriend, Max, for quite some time.

So serious in fact, that the 31-year-old packed up her things and moved from Atlanta to live with Max in Canada.

Another major change in Clara’s life is that she has given up her job as a flight attendant after 7-plus years, and is now a full-time influencer.

Her Instagram bio credits her as a content creator for Jex Agency and a social media manager for two brands Glossmetics and Zoe Ayla Cosmetics.

Despite the occasional troll or two, Clara is happy with her new life in Canada and isn’t too concerned about the critics.

However, her latest post is proof that if you try to throw shade at the MAFS alum she has no problem putting you on blast.

Let that be a reminder to all the new viewers watching the show on Netflix who are planning to jump in Clara’s comments.

Married at First Sight is currently on hiatus.

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