MAFS spoilers: Jacob hasn’t learned anything from MAFS process, calls it ‘a long, bad first date’

MAFS star Jacob Harder says he has not learned anything from his marriage to Haley Harris
Jacob Harder hasn’t learned anything from MAFS process. Pic credit:Lifetime.

Things are not looking good for Married at First Sight couple Jacob Harder and Haley Harris and time is running out.

With only a few weeks left before Decision Day, it’s fair to say that these two will most likely choose to end their marriage and go their separate ways.

And if they do decide to part ways, who could blame them?

It has been hard to watch the couple trying and failing at their attempt to get on the same page.

Despite the support of their cast members and the intervention of the experts, it just doesn’t seem to be in the cards for Jacob and Haley.

But although their match didn’t turn out to be a love connection at least they learned something from the MAFS process, right?

What has Jacob learned from the MAFS process?

In a clip for the upcoming episode of Married at First Sight, the couples share what they’ve learned from the process.

But it seems Jacob has been so consumed with the lack of connection with Haley that he hasn’t taken anything else from the experiment.

“This has been like one long, bad first date for me,” noted Jacob. “What can I learn from it? I don’t know. We didn’t connect.”

“We didn’t,” interjected Haley. “But I still learned a lot about myself.

She continued, “So I’m just confused at like how over a two-month condensed process you don’t learn anything about yourself.”

“I’m used to having a connection after a date, and we didn’t have that so…,” he responded as the other couples looked on silently.

The rest of the tense interaction will play out on Wednesday night, but fans are already sounding off about it.

MAFS fans sound off on Jacob and Haley

Haley and Jacob’s tense moment is just one in a series of uncomfortable moments that we’ve witnessed between them.

Things seemed promising when the couple first met on their wedding day, but quickly took a downward spiral.

And once Haley confessed that she was not attracted to her husband things progressively worsened with each season.

Jacob has blamed their failed marriage on Haley and even told her that if she wanted their relationship to work it would.

And while many Married at First Sight viewers have also blamed the 28-year-old, others think that Jacob is just as much to blame.

Twitter weighs in on Haley and Jacob.
Pic credit@summerchick801/Twitter
MAFS fans comment on Haley and Jacob's relationship
Pic credit@Marissa86135734/Twitter
MAFS fans comment on Haley and Jacob's relationship
Pic credit:@shelkay9599/Twitter
MAFS fans comment on Haley and Jacob's relationship
Pic credit:@cindybearj/Twitter

Do you think Jacob and Haley can still turn things around before Decision Day or is it too far gone for the couple?

Check out a sneak peek of the upcoming episode and see the tense moment that’s left to play out.

Married at First Sight airs on Wednesdays at 8/7c pm on Lifetime.

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