MAFS spoiler: Haley and Jacob have intense conversation with the experts on Decision Day

MAFS stars Haley and Jacob will face off one last time before making their finale decision
Haley Harris Jacob Harder face off on Decision Day. Pic credit: Lifetime

Season 12 of Married at First Sight is coming to an end, but first Decision Day is mere hours away.

While some fans weren’t too happy with how the season played out, we all want to know which couples will stay married and which ones will decide to end things.

For some, it’s pretty hard to figure out which way they’ll go, but for Haley Harris and Jacob Harder, it will be shocking if they stay married on Decision Day. And who could blame these two for choosing to part ways? It’s clear that they had a very rough time establishing a connection.

At first, there seemed to be a glimmer of hope for them, but things soon took a bad turn and they were never able to steer the relationship back on track.

Haley and Jacob have intense conversation on Decision Day

In a sneak peek of the finale, Haley and Jacob meet with the experts. However, before they reveal their final decision, they must hash out everything that went on between them throughout the season.

In the clip, it seems Haley was arguing that the conversations she had with Jacob were always the same and they were always too heavy for her to deal with it.

I’m fine with having a heavy conversation, no problem but I need a little bit of fun and a little bit of light in between that, otherwise I feel like I’m so… [dragged] down,” confessed Haley.

“What was the same conversation?” queried Dr. Pepper.

“What’s missing, are you attracted to me, where are we?” responded the 28-year-old as she listed off the things that Jacob constantly wanted to talk about.

“I asked the attractive question once, I never asked what was missing… you would tell me something’s missing,” interjected Jacob. “I would say, ‘What does that mean?’ And you would tell me you didn’t know.”

With that Haley raised her hand in frustration as the experts looked on.

MAFS fans give their predictions on Jacob and Haley

The Married at First Sight couple have been through a lot this season, but sadly it just wasn’t a love connection, at least not for Haley.

Early into the season, she told Jacob that she wasn’t attracted to him and it seems the comment really threw him for a loop. As time went on, they had a few explosive fights and were never able to properly communicate with each other.

Ultimately, Jacob and Haley managed to have a nice dinner during their final night together, but it’s doubtful that will do much to change their path. The consensus from social media is that the couple will choose to get a divorce on Decision Day and MAFS alum host Jamie Otis agrees with the masses.

Jamie Otis thinks Jacob and Haley will break up
Pic credit:@mafslifetime/Instagram
IG users share prediction about Jacob and Haley
Pic credit:@mafslifetime/Instagram
IG users share prediction about Jacob and Haley
Pic credit:@mafslifetime/Instagram

Check out the clip below and share your own predictions about Jacob and Haley.

Married at First Sight airs on Wednesdays at 8/7c on Lifetime.

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3 years ago

Why did you title this as a “spoiler”, when you are telling nothing we don’t already know?