MAFS Season 8 update: What happened to AJ and Stephanie?

MAFS couple Stephanie Sersen and AJ Vollmoeller Instagram selfie
What happened to Stephanie Sersen and AJ Vollmoeller? Pic credit: @aj_vollmoeller/Instagram

Every now and then, the Married at First Sight experts get it right, and that rare moment occurred in Season 8 when they matched AJ Vollmoeller with Stephanie Sersen.

The Philadelphia singles admired their parents’ decades-long marriages and wanted the same for themselves. So AJ and Stephanie already had that in common when they signed up to marry a stranger.

The other couples in Season 8 included Will Guess and Jasmine McGriff, Luke Cuccurullo and Kate Sisk, and Keith Dewar and Kristine Killingsworth.

The experts scored a 50-percent success rate that year, with two couples opting for divorce and two choosing to stay married – AJ and Stephanie being one of them.

AJ had a successful career as the president and CEO of a staffing firm, and he was ready to settle down and find a wife to share in his success.

Stephanie was also at the point in life where she wanted to find her soulmate and start a family.

The couple had an instant connection when they met at the altar, and despite being total strangers, they tied the knot with a passionate kiss.

It wasn’t exactly smooth sailing for the newlyweds throughout the eight-week experiment, as AJ’s temper was dubbed a major red flag.

Ultimately, Stephanie overlooked her husband’s anger issues, and they opted to stay married, but where are they today?

What happened to MAFS Season 8 couple Stephanie and AJ?

We’re happy to report that AJ and Stephanie are still going strong.

They have also remained close to the MAFS family, appearing on the spin-off show Couples Cam with updates about their life.

Time has flown by since the pair met on the show, and in September of 2023, they reached the five-year mark in their marriage.

Stephanie posted a video on Instagram to mark the special occasion

“I can’t believe today is our 5 YEAR ANNIVERSARY!” she wrote.

“5 years ago I married a stranger on TV, hoping for a new life of love and companionship. It’s not always easy, but our love and commitment to each other is heavier than anything else,” she continued.

Before ending her post, Stephanie added, “I love you husband, let’s go get another 5 years!! ❤️.”

AJ and Stephanie have been traveling the world together

The couple has been truly enjoying their life together, and when Stephanie turned 40 in June of 2023, she enjoyed her birthday weekend in Key West, Florida, with AJ.

Their Season 8 castmates Keith and Kristine — the only other successful marriage from that season — also joined them on the trip.

The adventure-loving junkies have been all over the world, from eating and relaxing in the British Virgins Islands to scuba diving in Honduras and Grande Cayman and enjoying the luxuries in Dubai.

The couple also purchased a home in Key West for their fifth anniversary, and they showed off the stunning property with their online followers.

Stephanie and AJ have expressed a desire to start a family, but for now, they are just enjoying their marriage before adding a little one to the mix.

Married at First Sight airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on Lifetime.

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