MAFS Season 13: Who we rank as most dateable

MAFS Myrla, Jose and Johnny look happy on Unfiltered.
Myrla, Jose, and Johnny are on MAFS Season 13. Pic credit: Lifetime

As Married at First Sight Season 13 nears its end, inevitably, some of the spouses will soon be single and ready to mingle.

Not all the marriages make it past Decision Day and we have a feeling more than a few of the Season 13 couples will soon be back on the market.

The Season 13 MAFS couples include Jose and Rachel, Myrla and Gil, Ryan and Brett, Michaela and Zack, and Johnny and Bao.

While some of them have a chance on Decision Day, others already seem like they’re done for good.

So which among them are the most dateable and which ones would we not recommend?

We have taken it upon ourselves to do the general public a service and have rated them from most to least dateable. Enjoy.

Gil wins most dateable of the season

MAFS Gil smiles.
MAFS Gil wins our most dateable. Pic credit: Lifetime

MAFS Season 13’s Gil Cuero steals our hearts and our number one most dateable spot. But this Spanish-speaking, salsa dancing, Colombian firefighter didn’t just win our vote because of his swarthy good looks(but they didn’t hurt either.)

But no, Gil won our and the fans’ hearts because of his calm, cool demeanor and dedication to doing the right thing. Throughout the season we have watched Gil’s unmatched patience with not only his wife Myrla, but with the other members of the Season 13 cast.

Gil is always there to lend a listening ear or a shoulder to cry on as he calmly talks his costars off their relationship edge and gives solid Dr. Phil-level advice.

With his wife Myrla, his patience has won the day as the high-class “Princesa” took some time to warm up to her new hubby. But slow and steady won the race as she came around. He also patiently helps her through her “tantrums” as they call them, and helps her see the good in her life, even when things aren’t picture perfect. The two’s communication is unparalleled as they navigate disagreements calmly and come to solutions fairly.

We love how he weaves and dodges all the drama that has run so rampant through the season and comes out calm, cool, and collected. He’s got his life together and goals in order and seems like marriage material to us!

So all in all our passion fire for Gil is burning at a 10/10 for most dateable of the Season 13 cast, so we guess it’s a good thing there is a good-looking firefighter around. Wink, wink.

Brett takes our number two spot

MAFS Brett looks upset.
MAFS Brett lights up the room. Pic credit: Lifetime

Season 13’s Brett Lindsey has it all together. She has a job she loves, friends she values, and a cool apartment with a palm tree wall, what else could someone want in a partner? But unfortunately, Brett’s current husband, Ryan, whom we shall henceforth be referring to as her “first husband,” is just not picking up what she is putting down.

With Decision Day looming, it seems like she and her first husband Ryan, are headed for the divorce route as it has not exactly been smooth sailing for these two. Ryan has already labeled himself single and ready to mingle, as he admitted to downloading dating apps before Decision Day, and dodges rumors that he might be “distracted” by an ex.

This is a shame, as Brett seems to have come into this process with the right intentions and the qualifications to back it up. This girl is ready for marriage. If anyone should be perusing the dating apps for a new partner, it should be Brett. She works hard, loves harder, and has shown commitment, dedication, and a whole lot of grace throughout the entire process.

We say she is marriage material at its best.

So if any of you fine fellas out there are single, grab a number and get in line, because this girl will most likely soon be ready to mingle.

Rachel comes in at number three

MAFS Rachel tells all.
MAFS Rachel wins our number three spot. Pic credit: Lifetime

Rachel Gordillo comes sliding into our number three Most Dateable spot.

Rachel works with special education children. Rachel loves to travel. Rachel is an independent woman who makes her own money and wants nothing more than to build a home and life with a partner. Be like Rachel.

As far as dateability goes, Rachel is the cream of the crop.

While she admits she has difficulties with boundaries and speaking her mind, we have seen her work hard on those aspects throughout the season. We love that she knows what she needs to work on and gets down to it, no excuses necessary.

This girl also knows how to have fun. Between wine tasting and goat yoga, she seems like she knows how to have a good time.

The only reason we didn’t bump her higher on the list is the ex-factor. When Jose locked Rachel out of the apartment, she ended up spending the night at her ex’s house. She claimed it was due to him being the only one who answered the phone at that late hour. But we wonder, could it be something more?

But overall she has a big heart, a joyful spirit, and a lot of dedication. Win. Win. Win.

And Bao makes four

MAFS Bao dances on her wedding day.
MAFS Bao danced into our hearts. Pic credit: Lifetime

Please join us in welcoming Bao Huang to our number four spot. Bao is a hard-working and dedicated wife who makes her marriage her top priority while also casually curing cancer at her job.

Her dedication to both keeping to the old but also trying the new, is a great combination. She honors her culture and traditions but is also always up for a quick skydiving outing or some naughty dice rolling.

She’s slow to anger and quick to forgive and is not one to back down from a tough talk.

We only put her at number four because sometimes she can be a little too dedicated. We know, we know, that’s not usually a bad thing, but in a relationship, it can be. Sometimes it seems she is so focused on if she can make the marriage work, she doesn’t seem to think about if she should make the marriage work.

We mean, does she even like Johnny? The peaceful moments between the two have been few and far between and while they do seem to have a lot in common, the two can’t seem to agree on anything. She doesn’t seem to have as much of an interest in Johnny as a person, as she does in Johnny as a husband.

So while we would highly recommend her in the wide world of dating, there would be a small advisory of making sure a bond with her was created before committing, because that competitive nature she has seems to be present in all aspects of her life.

And while everyone wants to feel like the prize in a relationship, it shouldn’t be at the cost of who they are as a person. That’s our two cents anyway.

Zack is our fifth

MAFS Zack looks determined.
MAFS Zack is determined. Pic credit: Lifetime

It’s not every couple that could survive a Category 5 storm like the “Hurricane K” that blew through the Season 13 couples retreat.

But yet, somehow Zack Freeman is still standing and committed to working through things with Michaela, whether it be as a couple or just as friends. You’ve got to admire the guy’s commitment.

But one thing we don’t admire is his back and forth nature, and way of saying things it doesn’t seem like means. While he does always come back to his commitment, he tends to come and go. Don’t get us wrong, he was right to run for the hills during the couple’s retreat storm, but even before that, he came across a little flighty.

He seems to say things just for the sake of not having an argument or upsetting Michaela but then does not seem to follow through with what he said, as his actions don’t often match his words.

But we are going to chalk it up to it being a very volatile and odd situation he finds himself in and we are awarding him the number five spot based on his merits.

Zack is artistic, creative and seems like a good guy. He does seem committed and while communication may not be his strong suit, he does seem overall ready for marriage.

It’s clear he did come into the show with the best of intentions and while things have not exactly been smooth sailing in his marriage, we still feel like he has a lot of mate potential.

So form an orderly line ladies, because this guy is most likely about to be back on the market before you know it.

Myrla slides into sixth

MAFS Myrla claps in excitement on her wedding day
MAFS Myrla Feria claps in excitement on her wedding day Pic credit: Lifetime

Myrla Feria takes our number six spot in the Most Dateable Olympics.

Sure, it might not always be easy to please Myrla, but at least with this girl, you know exactly what you’re going to get. She doesn’t sugarcoat and she doesn’t placate. Which while it may come off as abrupt, at least it is very honest. She is not one to say “I love you” and not mean it, or to back out of her commitments or take them lightly. So when she said “I do” it was clear, she was going to follow through on that.

She also works hard, has money to spare, and enjoys the finer things in life. Which, while it may clash with her husband Gil’s lifestyle, for many out there it would be right up their alley.

Myrla also takes constructive criticism like a champ which is not a given in relationships. When Gil gives her feedback on something she says “received” and works on the behavior. Can’t get much classier than that!

The reason she isn’t a little higher on our list, is because well, the complaining. As Pastor Cal said, “negativity is like cancer to a relationship” and we have to agree, Myrla’s constant complaints are enough to make anyone feel ill sometimes.

But she’s working on it with the help of her MAFS hubby, so if Decision Day doesn’t go so well for these two, Myrla should still be factory fresh and complaint-free. And Myrla’s next boyfriend will owe Gil a huge thank you for all the work he’s put in.

Jose ranks seventh

MAFS Jose smiles at his wife.
MAFS Jose has a few bad behaviors. Pic credit: Lifetime

Jose San Miguel had us in his corner right up until the end. Ok well, maybe it was more around the halfway mark but he lost us right around the lockout incident.

Jose has a high level of commitment and follow-through but unfortunately not just to his marriage, because his commitment to pettiness, is unparalleled. The night of the lockout Jose was not a happy camper, and he made sure no one else was either.

Between yelling at his wife Rachel and one of the show’s producers, then locking Rachel out of the apartment with no apology, it was a little touch and go for Jose there for a minute.

But he did eventually come around and give Rachel the apology she deserved and was eventually able to get back in her graces, and ours too.

But all drama aside, Jose has his life together in a major way. Right down to his picture-perfect credit score. He has a good job, a nice home, and a friend group and he has a close relationship with his family. All green lights over there.

He has been preparing for a wife and family his entire adult life and has it all planned out but is it –too planned?

Aside from the lockout, we had some other concerns with Jose even pre-wedding. Jose wants a picture-perfect wife to go with his picture-perfect wife. But a relationship is not as easy to control as a credit score and we worry about what happens when this perfect wife isn’t so perfect.

And apparently with good reason, because Rachel got the boot as soon as she slipped up. But maybe Jose has learned from the experience and it certainly seems like he is trying to do better in the second round.

So we put him solidly at our number seven spot, so if he does end up single after Decision Day, proceed ladies but with some caution.

And then there’s Ryan

MAFS Ryan looks emotionless.
MAFS Ryan looks emotionless. Pic credit: Lifetime

We are starting to scrape the bottom of the barrel now ladies. Excuse us if we are a little salty but the last few weeks’ events have not made us any more team Ryan than we were at the get-go. But as much shade as are throwing, we still hold out hope for some of his more redeemable qualities. Of which there are a few.

So let’s call a spade a spade. Ryan was just not feeling it with Brett. But we feel like if maybe he were with someone he was feeling, things could be different.

Ryan also has a good job, a close family relationship, and seems to enjoy going out and doing things. He’s very adventurous, loves to travel, and seems like a generally entertaining guy. So would he be fun to date? Definitely. Does commitment or hard times seem like his thing? Not particularly.

So maybe marriage isn’t for him. But if any of you ladies out there are looking for a good time no strings attached, Ryan would be your guy.

Otherwise, we would not recommend it. Between claiming he is a “reformed serial dater” but then being unable to go eight weeks without perusing dating apps, we are going to say the “reformed” part of the serial dater statement, is not quite accurate.

So could Ryan be a fun fling? For sure. Would we recommend marrying the guy? Well, we can’t say it has worked out too well for Brett but who knows.

Heeere’s Johnny

MAFS Johnny tears up a flower in anger.
MAFS Johnny is not a happy camper. Pic credit: Lifetime

Johnny, Johnny, Johnny. What can we say?

He started with so much promise. He was number one in our Most Likely to Succeed list and in the fans’ hearts.

But the slow descent into disfavor for Johnny Lam began almost immediately upon the couples return from the honeymoon. Johnny revealed to Bao that he thought her “childlike mannerisms” that she exhibited when she got excited were not attractive to him. And it was awkward. Things have continued to go downhill from there with some fans even accusing Johnny of being “toxic” in his treatment of Bao. Not the best start to the marriage.

Johnny also joined his costar Ryan, in the “reformed serial daters” club. But while Johnny may not be taking out ads on dating apps, he certainly doesn’t seem like his duplicitous dating ways are behind him. Between secret conversations with Baos’ friend Sarah, and finding every reason under the sun to not be with Bao, it seems like he is more than ready to be back on the market.

But we don’t feel like Johnny is a total loss. He is smart, reasonably good looking with a good job. We think with a little therapy, this guy could be one great date. But marriage might still be a little out of his wheelhouse for the near future.

But for a fun night out on the town or a boozy brunch, give Johnny a call.

Last, and in our opinion, least dateable–Michaela

MAFS Michaela looks confused.
MAFS Michaela seems confused and so are we. Pic credit: Lifetime

Michaela Clark aka “Hurricane K” blew into our lives and our screens and we have never been the same since. Watching a grown woman rampage through a house, screaming and taking down furniture as she went, does not leave the memory easily.

We know Michaela’s heart is in the right place, but yikes. Between the Category 5 storms, the blow-ups, the move-outs and the general chaos that seems to follow her wherever she goes, we just can’t find it in without ourselves to recommend Michaela as a potential partner.

We feel like Michaela is nowhere near ready for marriage and dating should maybe not be on the top of this girl’s priority list right now either.

Don’t get us wrong, she has a lot going for her, she is smart, has a good job, has a close-knit family, etc. But there just seems to be some other factors that overshadow these good qualities. At least in her dating life.

So as a partner, 0/10; we do not recommend. But maybe after some good therapy sessions and some time off camera and away from Zack, things will be looking up for her.

But until then, swipe left, friends, just swipe left.

So there you have it. The comprehensive list and dating guide to the Married at First Sight Season 13 cast and crew. Just in time too, because following tomorrow’s episode, these couples might find themselves, suddenly single.

Married at First Sight airs on Wednesdays at 8/7c on Lifetime.

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2 years ago

Gil is going to get tired of trying to keep this spoiled rotten overgrown brat happy. Hopefully he will say “divorce” and find someone who actually appreciates him and all he does and won’t try his patience like Myrla Downer. SMH

2 years ago
Reply to  MamaD79

Agree, Gil seems like a great guy. He’s kind, handsome, and has a great sense of humor and is very patient by nature. Myrla is great too but she’s negative at times and only seems to be happy when she gets material things. Maybe she’s compensating for her very poor childhood but material things won’t bring happiness in the end.

2 years ago

I would list Bao as the lst desirable – funny/kind/excellent listener/open; Gil while ok, seems to give sharp remarks that would send most running. I would put Rachel near the bottom with Micheala.