MAFS Mindy Shiben takes aim at Johnny, says lack of parental support is ‘no excuse’ for bad behavior

MAFS Johnny defends himself.
MAFS Johnny defends himself. Pic credit: Lifetime

Married at First Sight’s Season 10’s Mindy Shiben came across as a bit shy and a little reserved during her time on MAFS. But apparently, Mindy said goodbye to that timid personality right along with her MAFS ex-husband Zach Justice because now she has no problem saying exactly what’s on her mind.

Mindy fires at Johnny for his bad behavior

MAFS Season 13’s Johnny Lam has been the center of a lot of viewer discussions lately, as many feel his treatment of Bao is “toxic.”

Social media has blown up with fan comments about his high expectations and low effort as well as his serial dating past being a red flag to his current behavior.

In an unexpected plot twist, the show’s producers stepped in and released a statement in Johnny’s defense. The producers implored fans to remember Johnny’s backstory that he only had half the parental support he had expected in the process. The producers went on to say that “humanity was full of highs and lows” and all their cast was human.

The producers pointed out that the cast had experienced a lot of loss in their lifetimes, referring to Johnny’s absentee father, and three of the cast members’ deceased fathers.

They added that they admired Johnny’s bravery daily for putting his heart on the line in this process.

But MAFS Season 10 alum, Mindy Shiben, was not having it and fired back in the comments with an observation of her own.

MAFS Mindy says lack of parental support is no excuse for bad behavior.
Pic credit: @mindy_shiben/Instagram

Mindy points out that she had zero parental support going into the process and that she doesn’t feel that it would be an excuse for not treating someone else well.

The post came as a bit of a surprise to viewers and many wondered what the point of producers posting it was. Was it meant to be an excuse for some of the cast members’ bad behavior? Mindy certainly felt that way and wasn’t afraid to say just what she thought about that.

Pic credit: @mafspoc/Instagram

Mindy is a whole new woman these days

Mindy Shiben is almost unrecognizable these days. From a shy figure skater struggling to make her MAFS marriage work to a boss babe who is taking on Tough Mudder 5k’s, Mindy has made an epic comeback.

Following her divorce from MAFS husband Zach Justice, Mindy left her marriage and her city far behind as she moved to Mexico City to start a whole new life. She dedicated herself to her career, her health, and building a life she loved.

Along with a new, fit runner’s body, and a new city to call home, it seems like Mindy got a whole new sense of confidence to go with it and she is not afraid to tell Johnny or MAFS producers just what she thinks about toxic castmembers.

Go, Mindy, go!

Married at First Sight airs on Wednesdays at 8/7c on Lifetime.

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Whatever happened to the doctor and entertainer from New Orleans? Can’t remember their names.