MAFS: Katina and Lindsey hash it out and talk racial differences on Afterparty

Lindsey Georgoulis and Katina Goode
Lindsey and Katina reveal where they stand with one another after their argument. Pic credit: Lifetime

Katina Goode and Lindsey Georgoulis both appeared on the latest episode of Afterparty.

The two ladies didn’t hold back in hashing out the issues they had with one another on the honeymoon. 

Katina Goode and Lindsey Georgoulis reflect on their tense fight 

On the recent episode of Married at First Sight, the fight between Lindsey and couple Katina and Olajuwon continued. 

Previously, Katina and Olajuwon took issue with Lindsey allegedly dissing Olajuwon on the plane and trying to tell the cast what language to speak while in Puerto Rico. 

Lindsey’s husband Mark attempted to squash the beef, but Katina and Lindsey butted heads once again during a cast excursion on the honeymoon. While speaking with the wives, Lindsey began to discuss how triggered she felt after her exchange with Katina and Olajuwon and Katina took issue with Lindsey’s words. 

Katina called Lindsey manipulative and too old for her drunken behavior. Katina also added, “You poke people and then when you get a reaction you play victim so much.”

As Katina and Lindsey sat together on Afterparty, Katina reiterated that she still feels the same about Lindsey and that Lindsey triggered herself but wasn’t taking accountability. 

Lindsey then clarified that it was actually Katina who triggered her because Katina allegedly came for Lindsey and had to be pulled back when confronting her during the honeymoon. 

Katina explained that she stepped in because Lindsey allegedly said she wanted to fight Olajuwon. Katina explained, “You say you want to fight him. So because you came for my husband, my husband is a Black man, you’re a white woman, as soon as I hear “I want to fight him’ it’s not his job anymore. I’m going to step in place for him.”

Keshia Knight Pulliam gives ‘cultural context’ to Katina and Lindsey’s argument 

Afterparty host, Keshia Knight Pulliam, stepped in to add more perspective and ‘cultural context’ on the situation as a Black woman.

Keshia told Lindsey, “I just want you to understand that there’s some things in this world that, unless you’re a Black woman, you can’t understand because you haven’t had that experience.”

Lindsey jumped in saying she’s fully aware of that sentiment as Keshia continued, “So there’s some things that if you say, especially in a crowded place, that can create a situation that can potentially put a Black man in harm by doing it. And so I think that’s the piece that Katina isn’t saying. That’s the underlying issue with this.”

Keshia also asked if Katina and Lindsey think they can rekindle and get back to a good place with one another despite everything that happened. 

Katina shared, “As of right now, I just need to take my time and just you know keep my distance a little bit. I’ll still be respectful, obviously, but it’ll just take some time.”

As for Lindsey, she expressed, “I think for me, I’ll always give somebody a second chance.”

It remains to be seen if Lindsey and Katina make amends over time. 

Married at First Sight airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on Lifetime. 

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Brian Laurian Hallisy
Brian Laurian Hallisy
2 years ago

That Cultural context goes many different ways … “Keshia told Lindsey, “I just want you to understand that there’s some things in this world that, unless you’re a Black woman, you can’t understand because you haven’t had that experience.” The same understanding goes towards Caucasians, Mexicans, Europeans such as Irish, Polish, German, Italian and Asians. You won’t understand unless you are in their shows. Words and phrases said from one culture can be hurtful and inflammatory to another culture!!! Keisha brought it into a racial context but fair is fair!!!