MAFS: Johnny drops bombshell conversation with Bao’s friend Sarah, who said she would never date Bao.

MAFS Johnny makes an angry face.
MAFS Johnny Lam loves dropping bombs. Pic credit: Lifetime

In the new Married at First Sight Season 13 episode, Johnny Lam dropped a major bombshell when during a meeting with Dr. Pepper, Johnny admitted that he had been talking with Bao’s friend Sarah, and shared the explosive things she had said about Bao’s past relationships.

We’re sorry — what?! Just when we thought this couple couldn’t possibly have any more problems, here comes another bombshell no one saw coming.

During an explosive meeting with Dr. Pepper, Johnny revealed he had been having secret conversations with Bao’s friend Sarah and he had not liked what he heard.

Johnny drops more MAFS bombshells

Johnny elaborated that Sarah had asked him how the marriage was going and he had spilled the tea on how he was feeling about the marriage, about Bao, and what he thought would come on Decision Day.

He claimed that Sarah had told Johnny she was not at all surprised by what she heard and that from what she had seen, it was par for the course for Bao. Johnny claimed Sarah told him that it was Bao’s pattern to “break people down” then rebuild them to her specifications.

Johnny also said Sarah made the explosive statement that she would never date Bao and would never let any of her friends date Bao. Ouch. If that’s Bao’s friend, we would hate to meet her enemies.

Bao expressed her sense of betrayal and disappointment as Dr. Pepper encouraged Johnny to address the conversation with Bao and allow her to at least confront the accusations.

When the couple talked a little more about it after Dr. Pepper left, Johnny expressed he felt it was best if he and Bao just walked away from the marriage.

He left the apartment leaving Bao to finish dinner and the bottle of champagne on her own.

Bao and Johnny have had one rough rodeo

Bao and Johnny started off as a MAFS fan favorite couple. The two had all the makings of long-term compatibility; they shared a culture, a language, goals, values, and even an obsessive love of cleanliness. It could have been a match made in heaven but it turned out to be a match made, well — somewhere else.

The couple hit their first roadblock as early as the honeymoon and by the time the couple returned to Houston, Johnny was already questioning his marriage to Bao.

And things just went downhill from there. The couples fighting escalated as their kind words and sentiments to each other decreased. Things between the couple got so bad that fans began accusing Johnny of being toxic in his treatment of Bao.

While it had looked like things had reached an all-time low for the two, who knew they could get even lower? Johnny says he’s ready to call it quits and Bao doesn’t seem far behind him. Is this really the end of the once fan-favorite couple?

Married at First Sight airs on Wednesdays at 8/7c on Lifetime.

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