MAFS: Johnny comments on Myrla’s friendsgiving post, calls her ‘wifey material’

Johnny Lam continues to gain the disapproval of Married at First Sight fans post-show. Pic credit: Lifetime

Decision Day is finally over and if there are any two cast members that rubbed fans the wrong way this season on Married at First Sight, it’s Johnny Lam and Myrla Feria.

Viewers have gone as far as calling Johnny one of the worst husbands in MAFS history and Myrla isn’t too far behind after leaving her husband, Gil Cuero heartbroken.

After Johnny and Myrla’s flirty interactions caused Gil to storm off the stage at the reunion, it’s clear the two have cemented themselves as villains of the franchise.

With the cameras off and the cast’s social media’s officially public, fans now have a front-row seat to what life is like post-marriage for the participants.

While Myrla expressed in the past that she was never a fan of gatherings, this year select members of the Season 13 cast got together for their first Friendsgiving. However, what had fans really scratching their heads was Johnny calling Myrla ‘wifey material’ in the comment section on Instagram.

Johnny Lam calls fellow Houston MAFS cast-member Myrla Feria ‘wifey material’

As to who was invited to the small celebration, Johnny posted an array of photos featuring fellow Houston wife Rachel, Myrla, and her new dog Porcia.

Adding subtle shade, he captioned the post, “Had a couple friends over for thanksgiving #friendsgiving missing one person for #reasons.”

Myrla also shared her own Friendsgiving post featuring herself preparing the food for dinner.

Continuing to troll fans post-show, Johnny commented on Myrla’s post using the hashtag “wifey material”.

Johnny's comment to Myrla
Pic credit: @myrla.feria/Instagram

Replying to his flirty comment, Myrla wrote, “Been practicing for a minute now so all signs point to yes. Favorite part of the holidays is cooking for my family.”

This exchange did not sit well with fans as observers that previously supported Myrla are officially turning their backs on the leadership coach.

“Myrla, I defended you all season on every blog and YouTube channel,” the fan composed. “The way you acted when Gil was hurting, that was cruel and uncalled for. I’m so disappointed in you.”

Myrla's comment section
MAFS viewers flood Myrla Feria’s comment section on her Friendsgiving post. Pic credit: @myrla.feria/Instagram

The critic added, “Leave him. That’s fine. You both need to be happy. But your behavior at the reunion…smh.”

Michaela Clark throws serious shade at her MAFS costars

Even fellow Houston MAFS stars aren’t feeling the flirty interactions between their co-stars.

Michaela Clark recently posted a photo with Myrla’s ex Gil Cuero, adding her own shade in the caption, “Some of us have too much respect for the process & the work the experts put in to try and date someone within this very unique little MAFS universe.”

Do you think Myrla and Johnny are solely friends or is there something more? Let us know in the comments below.

Married at First Sight Season 14 premieres Wednesday, January 5th, at 8/7c on Lifetime.

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Vicki Miller
Vicki Miller
2 years ago

I think both Johnny and Myria are disgusting and have absolute no class! Both pretend to be “high class” because they have money and buy expenses things, but they are very “ poor” when it comes to their heart and personality!! Gil was a real gentleman with heart and charm and some lucky girl will snatch him up and get the real prize!! I see lonely days ahead for Myria and Johnny! Karma is a b***h, just like you Myria!!

Jodie Morton
Jodie Morton
2 years ago

I hope you know about karma your behavior at the reunion was unacceptable cold hearted nonchalant $itch
I always knew that he you didn’t deserve Gil
He will find out he can do so much better than you
You and Jonny you deserve each other !!