MAFS fans say Myrla and Gil are the healthiest couple of the season

MAFS Myrla and Gil smile happily.
Myrla and Gil couldn’t be happier. Pic credit: Lifetime

This season of Married at First Sight has definitely brought some Texas-sized drama, and some of these spouses are one wild ride. But the one pair that has managed to keep the barn door shut on their crazy, is the underdog couple of the season, Myrla Feria and Gil Cuero.

Fans applaud Myrla and Gil’s healthy relationship

While no one might have seen it coming, there is simply no denying that Myrla and Gil are the lead couple for Married at First Sight Season 13.

No dramatic blow-ups and healthy communication techniques have taken this couple right from the bottom of the Most Likely to Succeed list, to the tip-top of the fan-favorite list.

Fans are loving Gil’s calm way of approaching conflict and Myrla’s simple yet effective response word of “received.”

“Received” is the word Myrla uses to let Gil know that she has heard what he is saying, understands where he is coming from, and will work on correcting the behavior or problem.

Simple, to the point, and best of all effective. Fans are over the moon for the term and the way the two effectively communicate through conflict.

It is definitely in stark contrast to the explosive episodes some of their costars have displayed. From blow-ups, walkouts, and lockouts, things have definitely been spicy this season of MAFS. And let us not forget the couples retreat gone wrong we all just experienced in last week’s episode.

Yes in comparison, Gil and Myrla are looking quite good indeed, and fans are applauding their efforts.

Not only are viewers appreciative of Myrla and Gil’s mature communication style, they are loving the two’s drama-free lifestyle and slow but steady relationship progress.

It is clear that the couple genuinely cares about each other and works hard to show that in a respectful way. There are no fights, only disagreements that come to a quick and satisfying resolution, and fans are obsessed.

If Myrla and Gil are healthy, what does that make the other couples?

Toxic. According to viewers many of the other couples, and individuals within them, are toxic.

Fans zeroed in on a few individuals, specifically, Johnny and Ryan. Many view Johnny and Ryan as serial daters and claim their dating history was a red flag proving they would not do well in a marriage.

Fans also feel that Johnny’s continuous criticism of his MAFS wife, Bao, displays gaslighting tendencies, and many have labeled him as toxic.

And of course, no one can forget the Michaela blowups that have been compared to hurricane categories as her sister’s joke she turns into “Hurricane K” when she’s angry.

Fans have run hot and cold on Michaela since her flare-up at her husband Zack on their honeymoon after discovering he had Covid. There was more shade thrown at Michaela following her move out the day after Zack returned from the honeymoon, and then a subsequent move out where she took all the spices she had bought.

It’s hard to keep track of who is living at the couple’s shared apartment at any given time as she and Zack continue to take turns moving in and out depending on the day and the current argument.

But the incident that really pushed fans over the edge was the recent retreat explosion where Michaela broke furniture and glassware and spent the evening screaming at Zack and her costars. Not the greatest MAFS moment, to be sure.

So in light of their costars less than ideal behavior towards each other, it is no wonder fans are all quickly converting to Team Myrla and Gil and awarding them the “healthiest Season 13” couple award. It is a title well deserved.

Married at First Sight airs on Wednesdays at 8/7c on Lifetime.