MAFS fans say Chloe is a ‘paid actor’ as they slam ‘scripted’ wedding

MAFS star Chloe Brown screenshot
Chloe Brown is getting blasted by MAFS fans. Pic credit: Lifetime

At this point, just throw the whole show away because no one believes there’s anything authentic about Married at First Sight anymore.

We’ve seen some shady cast members over the past 17 seasons, but the latest theory is that one cast member could be a “paid actor.”

Poor Chloe Brown was stepping into a lose-lose situation no matter what because she wasn’t even the first pick for Michael Shiakallis.

After Michael got jilted at the altar by his first bride (whose identity is still a mystery), Chloe was chosen by the experts.

Anyway, Dr. Pia, Dr. Pepper, and Pastor Cal had to return to the drawing board and find another bride for Michael. Eventually, they settled on Chloe.

The newly matched pair tied the knot in the latest episode, with the other cast members in attendance since we’re halfway through the season.

MAFS viewers say Chloe Brown’s behavior seems ‘scripted’

Chloe and Michael had a lovely wedding in Episode 14.

However, after the clip of their vow exchange was posted on Instagram viewers had a lot to say, and the consensus is that it’s all fake.

“Something about this screams paid actor 🤔,” wrote one viewer

“NO one says I will love you every day to a stranger. She sounds so contrived and scripted. What a load of hooey. Gratuitous insincere load of hooey,” reasoned someone else.

One viewer wrote, “I’m smelling scripted 😂😂😂😂😂😂 omg I had such high hopes for this show 🗑.”

Several other MAFS viewers reiterated that sentiment as well.

“They did brought the making of Bold N The Beautiful to Married At First Sight,” exclaimed an Instagram user.

“Yeah, I am so with you all. It’s just seems so scripted. Time will tell,” said someone else.

MAFS viewers bash Chloe Brown on Instagram
Fans are complaining. Pic credit: @mafslifetime/Instagram

Meanwhile, we notice something about Chloe’s wedding vows that has us looking at her sideways.

“Michael, finally standing in front of you means everything to me,” said Chloe. “And right now, in this moment, looking into your eyes, you feel like home.”

The sentiment was sweet, except they were already written, so how did she feel that way before they even met?

MAFS rumor claims Chloe and the other women had a falling out

Meanwhile, it seems viewers aren’t the only ones who have a bone to pick with Chloe. She’s having a rocky road with her co-stars as well – according to the latest rumor.

@mafsfan recently claimed that the new bride had a falling out with the other women in her cast.

The ladies have been rocking pink outfits for their appearance on MAFS Afterparty, but you won’t see Chloe in solidarity with them.

“So…rumor has it that Chloe will NOT be wearing pink on AfterParty this season,” the fan page noted. “Not sure what happened, but she and the other girls are apparently no longer friends ☕️.”

Married at First Sight airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on Lifetime.

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