MAFS experts slammed for celebrating ‘toxic’ Boston couples in finale

Pastor Cal
After a seemingly successful Decision Day, the MAFS experts are under fire. Pic credit: Lifetime

Married at First Sight Season 14 ended with surprisingly successful results. 

The four remaining couples all agreed to stay married in a rare moment for the MAFS franchise. 

However, fans weren’t happy with the results as they felt the couples exhibited some major red flags. 

MAFS viewers took to Twitter to bash the experts for celebrating the couples’ decision to stay married.

MAFS experts criticized after the finale 

MAFS fans sounded off on social media after the Married at First Sight Season 14 finale, with the experts being one of the more prominent subjects of the night. 

A MAFS viewer tweeted, “The experts are all proud, applauding this s**t, and the rest of us are like…” 

Tweet about the MAFS experts
Pic credit: @cardithebardi/Twitter

Another wrote, “Not the experts getting all teary-eyed watching this abuser who just called Katina a “girl” tell his wife he wants to stay married like he’s doing her a favour.” 

Olajuwon was deemed a walking red flag by many viewers who felt the experts should have called him out more for his condescending treatment of his wife, Katina Goode.

A critic tweeted, “I’m still mad that none of the experts never addressed how Olajuwon CONTINUOUSLY verbally abuses her, especially given her past. I really don’t like that.”

Tweet about the MAFS experts
Pic credit: @TreasBeTalkin/Twitter

One MAFS viewer tweeted a trending sentiment, “The experts should really be ashamed for condoning these abusive and toxic a** marriages.”

Fans comment.
Pic credit: @ebusiapanin/Twitter

The experts shed quite a few happy tears as each couple said yes on Decision Day, but a viewer found that to be problematic, tweeting, “The experts getting emotional during that bulls**t shows how normalized abuse is. This is beyond disgusting.” 

Tweet about the MAFS experts
Pic credit: @Jessica_Tribble/Twitter

Pastor Cal is ‘so proud’ of the Boston couples 

MAFS expert Pastor Cal tweeted his thoughts throughout the finale. In one tweet, he expressed feeling proud of the Boston couples while referencing Dr. Pepper’s joke during Michael and Jasmina’s Decision Day moment. 

Pastor Cal tweeted, “So proud of these couples. All aboard the “booty train”!!!”

MAFS viewers weren’t pleased with his tweet and shared their responses in the comments. 

A viewer wrote, “You call yourself an expert but didn’t check Olu once, and allowed toxicity to flourish throughout these relationships this season right in-front of you.”

Another commented, “Wow! You’re proud of abuse. You know [Olajuwon] is emotionally abusive to [Katina]. I can’t believe you cosigned this. You wouldn’t want this for your own child. SMH.”

Tweet about the MAFS experts
Pic credit: @CalvinRoberson

After all the Houston couples from Married at First Sight Season 13 divorced, MAFS Season 14 technically had better results but still appears to have left a bad taste in viewers’ mouths, with one tweeting, “The experts really think they ate! These are the worse couples in the franchise history!”

While all the Boston couples said yes on Decision Day, time will tell who is still together on what is sure to be a juicy reunion next week on Married at First Sight. 

Married at First Sight airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on Lifetime. 

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1 year ago

I know there is a lot more that goes on that we don’t see. With that being said, I think all four couples should have gone the separate ways. If O is that condescending to his wife on camera, I can’t imagine how much worse it is behind the scenes. Lindsay is toxic and Mark would be better off without her. Noi has no clue what she wants. And Jazmina is a snob.

Stacy Scotte
Stacy Scotte
1 year ago

I wonder what the “experts” were thinking when they picked these people to be on the show period, Right from the beginning they ALL showed signs of dysfunction.