MAFS viewers are fed up with Olajuwon’s treatment of Katina, thinks he wants a maid and not a wife

Olajuwon Dickerson
Olajuwon Dickerson rubs MAFS viewers the wrong way with his questionable views. Pic credit: Lifetime

The latest episode of Married at First Sight saw Olajuwon Dickerson getting on Katina Goode for not living up to his standards of a wife. 

Despite being told by family members and Pastor Cal that his definition of a wife translates as misogynistic, Olajuwon continued to press Katina and talk down on her for not cooking and cleaning the way he’d like. 

MAFS viewers were appalled by Olajuwon’s treatment of Katina and took to social media to call him out for seemingly defining a wife as a maid. 

MAFS Viewers tell Olajuwon Dickerson to grow up 

Many MAFS fans feel Olajuwon Dickerson’s expectations for his wife are dated and the communication of his expectations are condescending and cruel. 

One MAFS viewer tweeted, “Olajuwon thinks he’s living in the 1800s. Sir, she is NOT your personal chef, maid, servant, etc.” 

Another MAFS critic wrote, “Olajuwon wants credit for doing basic things he should be doing as a man in the house. Your wife is not your maid or servant. Grow up. And talk TO her not AT Katina” while adding a GIF of what they think Olajuwon expects from Katina as a wife. 

A critic took issue with the way Olajuwon defined a wife, writing, “The fact that Oil of Olay is starting with, ‘what your definition of a wife?’ Then commences to lecturing Katina like being a wife equates to being a cotdamn maid!!!” 

One MAFS viewer passionately wrote, “Katina ? is ?NOT ?your ? wife-slave! You [are] not entitled to someone doing anything and [every] thing you what when you want just because they are your wife. Sweep up the floor alone, cook your own mfn food.”

Another MAFS fan aimed to remind Olajuwon that marriage is a partnership by tweeting, “Olajuwon…baby you got the idea of marriage f****d up. Katina isn’t your mother, your maid, your freak on demand in the strip club. She is your wife and y’all supposed to be in a PARTNERSHIP! Emphasis on partner.”

MAFS viewers want better for Katina Goode and think Olajuwon is a hypocrite 

Olajuwon brought Katina to tears as he questioned her womanhood and it was upsetting for viewers to watch, especially since Katina admitted to being in a verbally abusive relationship in the past. 

Many tweeted out their hope that Katina will put her foot down with her husband and also called out Olajuwon for seemingly holding Katina to a higher standard than he holds for himself. 

A MAFS fan tweeted, “Truth is, Olajuwon doesn’t approve of Katina as a wife and has a cruel way of going about it. If she picked him apart, as he does, he would be livid. Be open minded, compassionate, have patience and good manners.” 

Another MAFS viewer wrote, “I am so bothered by how Olajuwon talks down to Katina. He was literally slinging his penis all over Boston 4 weeks ago, and he has the nerve to question who she is as a woman? GTFOH.” 

One MAFS critic expressed feeling Olajuwon’s “romantic” cooking date with Katina was passive-aggressive, tweeting, “Olajuwon taking Katina on a date where she has to cook when he knows that she doesn’t enjoy cooking is so manipulative and passive-aggressive. I seriously hate this man.” 

A MAFS fan felt heartbroken for Katina when she shed tears after the date.

The fan tweeted, “This just broke my heart. That punk-a** Olajuwon just broke her down. It was not OK how he treated Katina, and I hope she found her voice and let him know it.” 

Finally, a MAFS viewer expressed their desire for Katina to follow in Chris Collette’s footsteps and decide to divorce Olajuwon early, writing, “Katina should’ve Chris’ed ‘It’s my decision day’ Olajuwon today!”

Do you think Katina and Olajuwon can still make their marriage work? Or do you think Katina should make a run for it due to Olajuwon’s demands for his wife?

Married at First Sight airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on Lifetime. 

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