MAFS drama: Trishelle Cannatella calls Henry’s new wife Christina a liar, confirms she’s homeless

Princess Bride Christina has viewers wondering if she’s really homeless. Pic Credit: Lifetime

Fans of Married at First Sight were shocked to see that Princess Bride Christina didn’t have a home to show her new husband Henry.

Originally telling her husband that she lived in the central business district when it was time to show him her place, she quickly said that most of her stuff is in California, her car, or storage.

This quickly sent viewers into a frenzy and concluding that Princess Bride was actually homeless.

Christina is a flight attendant by occupation

It’s no secret that the MAFS star is a flight attendant. While she states that she works a full schedule, it’s not a surprise that she doesn’t have a solid home base.

The kicker was that although she has nowhere to call her own, she judged partner Henry for the small size of his apartment.

Christina raved that she’s an avid baker and loves to cook, but where does she do such things?

Trishelle Cannatella calls her a liar

No stranger to the reality tv world, veteran Real World star Trishelle Cannatella calls Christina a straight-up liar. She states that the MAFS star is homeless and rents a spare room in an Airbnb.

It was revealed at the wedding that the model was an ex of Henry, but the two have remained platonic friends over the years.

She stated, “I have plenty of flight attendant friends who have apartments at their home base even if they commute. I’m sorry but you straight up lied.”

She went on to say, “my husband is a pilot and was full time with Delta before he met me and always had a place he lived and paid rent.”

Reddit users came to Christina’s defense, calling Cannatella a 40-year-old pot-stirrer and that she had no right to critique the young couple’s marriage.

Christina replied within her contractual obligations by saying, “I don’t expect anyone to understand that doesn’t live a single, flight attendant life. It wouldn’t have made sense to me either before I started this profession!”

A fellow Reddit user said, “Christina’s description of the FA lifestyle is legit and valid – it is actually how a lot of young and single FAs live. Trishelle cannot compare this to her husband – Christina probably makes a fraction of that.”

While viewers agree that she shouldn’t have said she lived in the CBD when asked on her wedding day, this all could’ve been avoided by saying: “I’m a flight attendant. It’s complicated. We’ll discuss it more later.”

Married at First Sight airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on Lifetime.

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