MAFS couple Nicole and Chris reveal their ‘unconventional’ bedtime routine

MAFS couple Nicole Woley and Chris Thielk Instagram selfie
Nicole Woley and Chris Thielk share their unconventional routine. Pic credit: @thielky2/Instagram

Married at First Sight couple Nicole Woley and her husband Chris Thielk have an “unconventional” bedtime routine, and judge if you want, but it works for them.

Nicole shared a recent post and revealed that against marital advice, they’ve decided to do something different.

So far, it’s been going well for the couple who tied the knot in Season 16 of the popular Lifetime series.

It wasn’t always smooth sailing for Nicole and Chris, but they worked through their issues during the eight-week experiment.

By the end of the season, things had improved, and the pair opted to stay married.

Nicole and Chris are the only couple from Season 16 still together, and they recently celebrated their first wedding anniversary.

Nicole Woley opens up about her and Chris Thielk’s unconventional bedtime routine

Nicole and Chris are charting their path, and after being married for one year, they’ve found something that works for them.

In a recent Instagram post, Nicole shared, “Something unconventional that works for our marriage.”

The Married at First Sight star confessed that she and Chris have separate bedtimes — although they’ve been advised against it.

Nicole explained that her husband is a “night owl” and she is a morning person, which can pose a major problem.

“I so badly wanted him to become a morning person and go to bed earlier with me. I would get upset when he would stay up later and thought it had something to do with me,” she admitted in the post.

However, the duo has found a routine that works for them both, and it’s going to bed at different times.

Nicole and Chris work from home, so they spend plenty of time together throughout the day.

Nicole also noted, “Even though we don’t fall asleep together, we always make sure to do some morning snuggles so we can start our days together.”

MAFS couple Chris and Nicole are dog parents and homeowners

The MAFS couple has made major strides since starting their new life together – one being purchasing a new home.

However, they’re not the only ones enjoying the stunning Nashville property – their dogs are having the time of their lives.

Nicole and Chris were both dog parents when we met them on the show, and initially, they had reservations about how their pets would get along.

Well, that’s not a problem anymore because the trio has been getting along quite well, and now they have a huge backyard to play in.

Chris posted a sweet video of his dog Kobe sitting peacefully and admiring the yard.

“He is at peace when he’s outside,” said Chris. “It is the cutest and most adorable thing and really makes me and @nicoley_woley so happy! One of the many joys of home ownership and we love it.”

Married at First Sight airs on Wednesdays at 8/7c on Lifetime.

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