MAFS star Nicole Woley hit back at hater who told her to ‘maybe go to the gym’

MAFS star Nicole Woley
Nicole Woley responds to an Internet troll. Pic credit: Lifetime

Nicole Woley is one of the most unproblematic cast members from Married at First Sight, but that doesn’t get her a free pass with Internet trolls.

She recently had to hit back at one hater who jumped in her DMs and rudely told her to “maybe go to the gym.”

Nicole posted a screenshot of the message online and encouraged her followers to spread kindness.

However, she didn’t exactly put the commenter on blast as she blotted out the person’s username and image — which is actually a nice gesture.

Something similar happened to MAFS alum Rachel Gordilla in 2022. Someone made a nasty comment about her body after she shared a workout video online.

Rachel posted a screenshot of the message, but she put the troll’s name and photo on full display for everyone to see.

However, Nicole took a somewhat different approach.

Nicole Woley responds to internet troll after rude comment about her body

The Married at First Sight star shared a body-shaming DM she received from an Instagram user.

“On today’s episode of ‘Internet Trolls’,” wrote Nicole on the screenshot.

The grammatically incorrect comment read in part, “Lighten up or maybe go to the gym. Grow up your 34 who looks 49 acting like 12 year old hurt by every little thing.”

MAFS star Nicole Woley shares a rude message
Nicole Woley DM. Pic credit: @nicole_woley/Instagram

In response, Nicole wrote, “Haters like this do not bring me down and I can’t take anyone seriously if they don’t know the difference between ‘your’ and ‘you’re'”

However, Nicole urged her followers that in a world that is already full of so much hate, “it would be cool to spread some kindness instead.”

MAFS couple Nicole and Chris recently celebrated one year of marriage

Despite a few Internet trolls disrupting her day, Nicole is living her best life after finding her ideal match with her husband, Chris Thielk.

While some people might have thought the couple wouldn’t make it, they proved viewers wrong and not only got through the eight-week experiment but opted to stay married.

The couple recently hit a milestone as they celebrated one year of marriage on October 1.

Nicole posted a few throwback photos from Decision Day and wrote ,”✨one year ago today✨we said “YES” to a lifetime together ❤️ .”

Nicole and Chris were paired by the experts in Season 16, and despite some ups and downs ,they worked through their differences and are the only couple still together from their season.

Married at First Sight airs on Wednesdays at 8/7c on Lifetime.

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7 months ago

Wow she looks great and the trolls who say otherwise must have no life to make negative comments that were not provoked. it’s not like anyone asked anyone how do I look !! She looks great!!