MAFS Season 16: Who’s still together and who broke up?

MAFS Season 16 matches Airris and Jasmine
Did Jasmine and Airris reconciled after Decision Day? Pic credit: Lifetime

Honestly, I have never been as unimpressed with a season of Married At First Sight as I was with Season 16, which kicked off in Nashville.

My dream is to put the season behind me and never look back, but before we wrap this up with a bow and bury it in the graveyard, we wanted to update you on the cast.

The Nashville matches comprised Airris and Jasmine, Nicole and Chris, Clint and Gina, Mackinley and Domynique, and Shaquille and Kirsten.

A lot of time has passed since then, and we have all the details on who’s still together and who said goodbye for good.

Part one of the reunion has already aired, and there’s one part left to go, but here’s what we know so far.

Airris and Jasmine

MAFS stars Airris and Jasmine
MAFS Season 16 couple Airris and Jasmine. Pic credit: Lifetime

From the moment we met Airris, we knew he was not ready for marriage, but apparently, the experts had blinders on while sifting through the list of applicants.

Nonetheless, they paired him with poor Jasmine, whose self-esteem suffered as her husband made it clear he was not attracted to her. Jasmine still tried throughout their marriage, but things remained stagnant, and many wondered why she stuck it out until Decision Day.

Thankfully, she put herself out of that misery and opted to get a divorce from Airris. The two came face to face again at the reunion and seemed quite close as they sat on the couch together, but don’t be fooled. This couple is over for good! Bye, Airris!

Chris and Nicole

MAFS stars Chris and Nicole
MAFS Season 16 couple Nicole and Chris. Pic credit: Lifetime

This couple started slowly, and we saw steady progress over the eight weeks.

Chris and Nicole had my anxiety on overdrive early into the season as they tried to figure out their dogs’ living situation, but they eventually managed to work things out.

However, another major issue that they struggled with was Nicole’s insecurities. She was nervous that Chris’s feelings for her would change, and he grew exhausted from constantly having to reassure her.

Nonetheless, the pair chose to stay married on Decision Day, and at the reunion, Chris and Nicole revealed that they are still together and have plans for a house and kids in the future.

Clint and Gina

MAFS stars Clint and Gina
MAFS Season 16 couple Gina and Clint. Pic credit: Lifetime

There was a war on red-haired men this season, and we didn’t like it one bit! That’s why we know from the get-go that Clint and Gina were not a good pair.

She made it clear that ginger was just not her vibe, and he, in turn, clapped back with a comment about liking slender women.

All in all, it was bad, and while Clint still wanted to try after getting over that hurdle, Gina was already checked out. The pair said their goodbyes on Decision Day and are not together but have formed a close friendship since then.

Clint has a new woman in his life whom he’s been dating for a few months.

Shaquille and Kirsten

MAFS stars Kirsten and Shaquille
MAFS Season 16 couple Shaquille and Kirsten. Pic credit: Lifetime

I’m pretty sure that Kirsten broke a glass or two after she returned home after Decision Day and let it sink in that Shaquille had opted for a divorce.

It was shocking for viewers and a little embarrassing for Kirsten– a very high-maintenance girl who likely scared Shaquille when she said he would have to buy her a house.

The daddy’s girl also came off a little cold in the beginning but eventually warmed up to her husband. Alas, that wasn’t enough for Shaquille, and he wanted an end to the marriage, but where are they now?

We saw a glimpse of the pair in the first of the reunion, but their segment hasn’t played out entirely. However, the couple seemed very close on stage and even wore matching gold and yellow outfits, so don’t be surprised if they are back together.

Mackinley and Domynique

MAFS couple Domynique and Mackinley
MAFS Season 16 couple Mackinley and Domynique. Pic credit: Lifetime

Ahhh, Mackinley and Domynique, where do we even start with these two? Poor Mackinley tried his best, but this romance was doomed from the start. Many viewers felt that 25-year-old Domynique was too young to be cast on the show, and they were right.

She had countless complaints about her husband, and it wasn’t long before she packed up her little suitcase and bid her husband and castmates adieu. They didn’t even make it to Decision Day, so no one is surprised that they are not together today.

Domynique returned to the show at some point and had an awkward kiss with Clint, but they are not together either.

Are you surprised by the outcome of these Season 16 couples? Sound off in the comment section below.

Married at First Sight airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on Lifetime.

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