MAFS: Clara gets upset with Ryan and talks ‘worst-case scenario’ as they head into Decision Day

MAFS star Clara Fergus gets upset with Ryan as they discuss Decision Day
Clara talks worst-case scenario as she and Ryan prepare for Decision Day. Pic credit:Lifetime

It’s almost over for the Married at First Sight couples as they gear up for Decision Day, but will Ryan and Clara choose to stay married?

The moment is fast approaching and things are getting tense between the couples.

It’s hard to predict if these two will remain committed to each other as their relationship has proven confusing for fans.

During her confessionals, the 27-year-old flight attendance continues to air her frustrations about her husband.

Clara is concerned that Ryan has not said ‘I Love you’ or even consummated their marriage.

However, despite her complaints, the MAFS star recently rated her marriage a 10 out of 10– leaving fans thoroughly confused.

But will they stay committed on Decision Day?

Clara and Ryan discuss Decision Day

The next time we see the Married at First Sight couples it will be Decision Day and it’s hard to tell what Ryan and Clara will do.

In the latest episode, the couple had one day left before separating ahead of the big day.

Ryan and Clara decided on a casual day of fun games but things quickly took an uncomfortable turn.

“I think there is no way we would ever have like an experience like this with another person,” noted Ryan.

“So like we’re uniquely bound in that shared experience all by itself which I think is just like infinitely cool. No matter what we will always have this bond and connection that no one will ever be able to describe.”

However, as Ryan got into talking about Decision Day, his stance on the topic did not sit too well with Clara.

“No one was there but you and I and I wouldn’t have want to go through this experience with anybody else,” continued the 29-year-old. “No matter what happens Decision Day.”

As Ryan finished his comment, Clara’s demeanor changed.

“Can we like talk about Decision Day in a more positive light?” she commented before storming off.

Clara talks worst-case scenario

After their tense moment at the gaming lounge, Clara and Ryan spent their last morning in bed together.

All the couples were required to spend the last 24 hours by themselves to think about the decision to either separate or stay married.

After Ryan and Clara talked about the big moment, the blond beauty later gave some insight into how she was feeling.

“I would say I’m one hundred percent certain of what I’m going to say on Decision Day,” noted the MAFS star.

“Ryan is everything that I was looking for in a husband, but you know I worry about Ryan’s level of commitment. I mean best-case scenario we grow together, we end up starting a family and it’s happily ever after. Worst-case scenario is I get my heart broken. I’m a little terrified,” admitted Clara.

Do you think Ryan and Clara will choose to stay married on Decision Day?

Married at First Sight airs on Wednesdays at 8/7c pm on Lifetime.

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